Very Personal

Because each of my interviews with future clients is essentially a teachable moment, keeping a diary allows my clients and others a unique perspective into the constantly evolving world of dating and relationships. By reading about what others set as their expectations and desires for their future relationships each of us is afforded the opportunity to personally reflect on what it is we want for ourselves. Enjoy!

Dear Donna: August 5th, 2018

Dear Donna, I met a man three weeks ago and we had a couple of very pleasant dates. However, he also has a home in another state and spends more of his time there than here. We have been texting everyday since he left a couple of weeks ago, sometimes several times a day.
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Dear Donna: July 23rd, 2018

Dear Donna, I am recently widowed and a lady who was a mutual friend to my wife and me made it abundantly clear that she would like to spend time with me and help me through this difficult time. Initially I was grateful for her concern and company but I have come to understand she has romantic notions about the two of us.
READ MOREDear Donna: July 23rd, 2018