April 2, 2014

My first appointment today is a man, late 40’s, divorced, educated and his long term goal is marriage.

He said “Because of the dating and relationships I have had since I have been divorced I know myself better and I know more about the person who will be most right for me.”
He handed me a list of all the qualities and attributes he would like to find in a partner. I read it out loud and I said “I know this person.”
He said “What?”
I said “The person you described is yourself. People almost always describe themselves when they describe their ideal partner.”
He said “You are right, it does sound like me. What about ‘opposites attract’?”
I said “They attract, they don’t work.”

He is very physically active and enjoys skiing, hiking, camping, biking, rafting and just about anything outdoors. He also enjoys concerts, traveling, reading and volunteering. He appreciates a lady who can participate in at least some of his outdoor activities.

He said something I often hear in this business, “I want my next relationship to be my last relationship.”

He was referred to me by a friend who was a client at Perfectly Matched and is married to a lady I matched him with 12 years ago.
He said “I am going to call my friend and tell him I going to be working with you. He has told me to call you at least a dozen times.”

I love referral business!

My second appointment is a lady, early 40’s, divorced, highly educated and her long term goal is a committed relationship, possibly living together or marriage.

She said “I have no predetermined ideas about how the right relationship might look. It depends on what works for both of us.”
This fall her only child will be going away to college and she looks forward to being an empty nester.
She said “I have a terrific kid who is very excited about going to college and I am excited that I will have more time for myself and a relationship.”

She enjoys snowshoeing, hiking, Pilates, yoga, gardening, cooking, good wine, fast walking, shopping, music, concerts, theater, movies and reading. The next two places she wants to visit are Australia and New Zealand.
She said “I think it would be wonderful to be with someone special for a two week trip to Australia and New Zealand.”

She is fit and pretty and very attractive and she questioned if the right man for her would belong to a dating service.
She said “Why would someone who has everything to offer that I am looking for go to a dating service?”
I said “You’re here.”
She said “I guess you have been asked that question before.”

I talked to her about three men I think are good matches for her and she was very impressed with their profiles.
She said “They all sound great but what do they look like?”
I said “I don’t generally show pictures when I make a match but two of these men give me their permission to show their pictures because they will want to see a picture of you.”
I showed her the two pictures and she is now a new client.

She said “I like that you don’t have a time frame on your service and I like you.”
I said “I like you too.”

We are going to meet at the Ritz for lunch next week.
This is a business where you can mix business and pleasure because the better I get to know my clients, the better I can match them.

Feedback today from a lady who has gone out with a man I match her with five times.
She said “We have so much in common. I feel like I have known him for years. He is so kind, considerate, complimentary, fun and funny. I feel like a teenager again.”
If someone could only find a way to bottle the excitement of a new romance and make it last forever.
She is not interested in meeting anyone else right now so I will put her “on hold” and we will see what happens.
She said “I am going to follow your advice to not be intimate for the first three months and he agrees.”
It was very fulfilling to me to hear her so happy.

To be continued………………