Well Said

When Donna says love happens here, she is right on a number of levels.

First, Donna herself is one of the most loving people I know. She lives her life with such integrity and compassion that she sets an example for the rest of us to follow. I honestly do not think that Donna has one vengeful bone in her (if I may be so forward) incredibly fit body.

Secondly, Donna takes her huge heart and uses it to match other hearts together. Donna does not just match people, she matches souls. This takes astute talent and experience, both of which Donna has in spades.

If you are serious about finding a soul partner, trust your heart with Donna. She brings the true art of matchmaking to the community. This art is something no one, no other organization, and certainly no online matching service remotely compares to.

In this age of false advertising and swiping left or right, Donna carries on the legacy of matchmaking in the truest sense.


Donna is passionate about her work…period. Rarely do I experience a person that is so motivated by her desire to fulfill her mission of “causing” a real relationship to happen. I’ve discovered her real “pay” is the joy she feels when she creates a match that two people then grow into a true relationship. NOTE–manage your expectations!!! Donna sets up a match that has POTENTIAL based on similar attitudes. But then–naturally–it is only when the two people meet several times that the “real chemistry” is revealed. My initial expectations were something like “OK , for the money I’m paying you, I’m expecting 10 absolutely Perfect Matches that I can then chose which one I like best.” How STUPID of me!!! I finally realized that she was eliminated a huge amount of the up-front work (time, energy, money, efforts) in just finding a person of similar interests and attitudes–leaving me (and the match) to discover how our chemistry fit together. Talking with several others who have been success with Donna (getting close to 800 married couples I think)–I came to realize the huge role she was playing in my life and I’m very grateful…and now have several very delightful “friends” as well as a relationship that is blossoming.


You introduced me to Danny in 1992. Our sixteenth wedding anniversary is coming up. We have 3 beautiful children, Jeni will be 14, Sara is 12 and Levi is 10. We’ve been through a lot…but don’t think we could have made it without each other. Thanks for putting us together. Perfectly Match is a great matchmaking service! Donna takes the pressure off and doesn’t put anyone on the spot. Donna is passionate about helping people get together.


Donna Shugrue follows a path for finding a partner that I firmly believe in. Her interview skills are finely tuned, and her integrity and knowledge superb.


Perfectly Matched is a fabulous matchmaking service. Calling Donna was the best decision I ever made. I received quality matches and ultimately met the love of my life. I have no doubt that without Donnas help I would not have met such a perfect match on my own. There is no time frame on her service and you get to meet quality, compatible people based on her profile test that you may not ever find on your own. I highly recommend this service for any singles serious about finding love.


Highly Recommend! In a business where there are naturally no guarantees that any two people will end up having “that spark” (and any business that tells you otherwise is being dishonest,) Donna has been amazing. She has been up front, honest, knowledgeable, experienced and has gone above and beyond! A great choice for anyone who is over the online dating thing or who doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg to whatever impersonal, nationwide company comes along next.


I’m using Perfectly Match and have found Donna to take her job very seriously. I have meet some great women but for some reason it just didn’t click. Is that on Donna no way people need to be honest in the interview. Plus I have changed the way i have approached dating with the help of Donna. I have stopped being less about looks and more about the person. Lets face it we all want that perfect person and no one is perfect. Yes i would like to find someone sooner than later. I have used other date sites but with Donna i feel she does understand what i’m looking for. But it’s my call to make it work or not. That’s dating!


I was a client and the service was outstanding! There are literally HUNDREDS of positive client experiences, which you won’t see here because only people who complain and don’t take any personal responsibility or initiative to make themselves more appealing write to blame Donna for their personal decisions, appearance, and behavior. Since her service has no timeframe, clients can remain active until a successful match is made.


Donna is amazingly insightful and her match test is spot on. She had great, high quality matches for me and I would recommend her services to anyone who is single.


What I appreciate about Perfectly Matched is Donna’s personalized service. I trust her judgment and respect her talents as a matchmaker. The feedback after each meeting has been very insightful and informative. She made a real effort to get to know me and I have met some great quality men.


I really believe in Donna’s Compatibility Test. I can’t believe how much I have in common with Terry. We think so much alike and get along so well it’s almost scary.


I met her in March, married her in June and everyday since has been a honeymoon.


Many times I would meet someone and walk away not knowing whether they were or were not interested. With Donna as a third party and her input and involvement before and after each of the initial meetings, you always know where you stand.


I was getting into relationships too quickly and being intimate right away. One of Donna’s favorite sayings is, “The ones that start fast, end fast.” When I did meet a lady I was very interested in I decided to invest in friendship for the first three months, which is what Donna suggested, and we have been together for almost two years.


The only thing missing in my life was having someone special. I have a great job, great home, great friends but I did not have time to try to meet someone on my own. My mother bought me a membership to Perfectly Matched for Christmas last year and in May I met Mark…..so far so good.


Someone at my workplace decided to make copies of my online dating profile and pass it around the office. It was very upsetting to say the least. I like that Donna’s service is totally confidential and discreet and none of my information is on a computer. Plus, I’m meeting some sensational ladies!


You introduced me to Danny in 1992. Our sixteenth wedding anniversary is coming up. We have 3 beautiful children, Jeni will be 14, Sara is 12 and Levi is 10. We’ve been through a lot…but don’t think we could have made it without each other. Thanks for putting us together Donna!


I am very happy with Donna’s service. I have been on multiple dating web sites for the past couple of years and have discovered that Donna’s personalized match making works far and away better compared with dating sites. Donna’s rating system is much more accurate than what people put on their dating web sites. I have met and enjoyed all of Donna’s matches for me. I’d highly recommend Perfectly Matched!