April 4, 2015

Here are some brief profiles of new clients at Perfectly Matched in the last two weeks:

A young man, late 20’s, ABS (always been single), highly educated and his long term goal is “potentially” marriage and children.

He said “I am probably not a good match for a lady who is ready to get married and start a family right away but I eventually see that in my future if I meet the right lady.”
I said “You are a little on the young side for my service. People your age are not usually interested enough to look into a dating service.”
He said “I hire a professional to help me with other important parts of my life and it just makes sense to do that with what is the most important part of my life, finding the right mate.”

He is tall and fit and enjoys sports, technology, movies, dancing, live music, concerts, debating, good conversations, and traveling.
He is African American and he is open to all races.
He is very successful in his career and although he has always been single, he has two long term relationships in his relationship history and he is much more serious minded than most people his age.

A man, mid 60’s, divorced, educated and his long term goal is “possibly” marriage.

He said “I did not get married until my mid 40’s and my only child is just starting college. I need a lady who is supportive of the fact that my child is a very significant important part of my life. When I was meeting ladies on the internet that seemed to be a big show stopper because most of their children were grown and they prefer someone whose children are also grown.”
I said “I won’t match you with anyone who is not open to the fact that you have a teenager but I don’t think that will be a big issue because you said she is a great kid. It always depends on the kid.”

He loves the outdoors and has hiked most of the 14ers. He also enjoys biking, working out, eating well, camping, Blue Grass music and festivals and traveling.

This is his Ideal relationship: “An ideal match for me (nearing retirement) is with a loving, honest, active, petite, attractive lady of traditional Christian values (no substance abuse) who shares similar interest (several sports, hiking, bicycling, etc.) and some traveling. I also enjoy traditional music, movies, etc. and visiting family, and would consider marriage assuming compatible circumstances. I am comfortable and confident of myself, financially stable and still active in my career. I immensely enjoy the outdoors in Colorado and elsewhere.”

A man, early 70’s, divorced, highly educated and his long term goal is marriage with a prenuptial.

He said “I did not think that was necessary in my last marriage and that is not a risk I am willing to take again.”

He enjoys hunting, fishing, traveling, hiking, golf, biking, wholesome movies that have a message, and giving back to the community. He is a strong believer and would like to meet a lady who would be interested in doing some mission work in foreign countries.

This is a part of his Ideal Relationship: “It would be a relationship of wild passion yet the comfort of just being with one another and the warmth of a gentle touch. An ideal relationship would be with someone with similar values, morals, interests and a belief and love of God.”

A man, early 80’s, divorced, highly educated and his long term goal is marriage, or at the very least, a committed, monogamous relationship.

He is tall, attractive and looks much younger than his age. He is very active and enjoys golf, tennis, hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, dancing, traveling, biking, walking, entertaining, opera, music, concerts, symphonies, and reading.

This is a part of his Ideal Relationship: “I am hoping to find a sweet gal to spend the rest of my life with. Some of the qualities and features I would like are slender, physically fit, active, college educated, Christian, conservative, affectionate, compassionate, enjoys cooking and homemaking together, loves international traveling, is financially secure and has a good sense of humor. I like to think I have all that to offer in return.”

A lady, mid 30’s, ABS, highly educated and her long term goal is marriage and children.

She is very successful and established in her career and she said “I breathe my goals.”

She enjoys cooking, racquetball, scrapbooking, hiking, scuba diving, water rafting, zip lining, bowling, pool, movies, reading, traveling, concerts, theaters and she considers herself to be a bit of a nerd.

This is a part of her Ideal relationship: “My ideal relationship is one where we can plan and build a life together that meets our goals and accomplishes our dreams and where commitment to the future and the health of our relationship is not questioned. Ideally, our family is healthy and connected, finances are appropriately addressed, and retirement and long terms goals are established. I believe that we can set out on the journey of life, and enjoy it together through laughter and adventure. I want to stand beside someone as much as I want someone to stand beside me – through the good and the not so great. Through a strong commitment, we can make it. I believe this life holds so many opportunities; I want to grow old together and know that we made it beautiful… And we had an amazing time along the way! ”

A lady, mid 50’s, divorced, educated and her long term goal is marriage with a prenuptial.

She said “I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey and because of his teachings I am very financially stable and secure and I want a man who is compatible with me in that area. My faith is also very important to me and I need a man who is a strong Christian.”

She enjoys music and plays the guitar, loves dancing, concerts, camping, hiking, roads trips, and international travel.

This is a part of her Ideal relationship: “My Ideal Relationship is one that has trust, to me, being truthful is the foundation to a good relationship. An important component is having good clear communication to ensure that each is understood. Also having a committed relationship with chemistry is important, along with compatibility. Having faith and similar values will assist with growing a stronger relationship. I have a strong faith and I hope to meet someone with a similar belief. I definitely would like a relationship where there is mutual support, being kind and attentive during all situations is essential. I would like someday to have a lasting relationship where I know I will share the rest of my life with a special person.”

A lady, late 40’s, divorced, educated and her long term goal is marriage.

She said “I have two great kids and I am very proud of them. I have not had a serious relationship in 8 years because raising them and making sure they are on the right path has been my first priority. I told my son I was going to work with a matchmaker and he was thrilled. He told me he thought it was time for me to do something for myself and he is sure there is a man out there who will love me.”

She enjoys hiking, gardening, swimming, working out, traveling, movies, music and concerts.

This is her Ideal relationship: “I am looking for my best friend and lover. A wonderful man I can’t wait to come home to at the end of the day. I look forward to sharing a comfortable, loving home together where our children/grandchildren will love to come and spend time. I am very down to earth and lead a simple life. I was very content being a wife and mother so I am looking for a man who truly appreciates that about me. He will be hard working and financially stable. We are a partnership and he will value my input and opinions. We will make each other laugh and not take ourselves too seriously. We will walk, hike, travel and just enjoy life together. I love to love and be loved. I am so ready for that special someone.”

Spring time is a busy time of year at Perfectly Matched. People start thinking about getting outside and enjoying the sunshine and sharing outdoor activities.
If you are interested in meeting serious minded singles who are compatible, with shared interests and activities and similar long term goals, now is the perfect time to check out Perfectly Matched.
You can start by taking the Profile test on my website at www.perfectlymatcheddating.com or just call me at 260-1000.


To be continued………………….