August 28, 2013

My first appointment today is a man, mid 60’s, widowed, retired, and his long term goal is marriage.

He said “I never thought my wife would die before me. To be dating again seems unreal but I know I want someone to share the rest of my life.”
He had a very happy marriage and she was ten year younger than him. All their future plans were based on the probability that he would die before her. Instead, he has sold the dream home they planned to live in for the rest of their lives and he is going to start dating again.

He said “I have been widowed for almost two years and my daughter encouraged me to give you a call.”
He is very close to his children and grandchildren and they want to see him happy sharing his life with a special lady.
He said “I am so blessed to have great kids and they have been tremendously supportive of me through all of this.”

He would like to meet a lady who has the time and interest to travel. He also enjoys golf, light hiking, the theater, and spending time with his family and friends. He wants to try his hand at tennis and he would like to do some camping and fishing.
He said “When you lose someone you love life becomes so precious. I don’t take anything or anyone for granted. I want to have fun and be happy in a relationship again.”

My heart went out to him. He is determined to move on and believes he can find love again.
I look forward to helping him.

My second appointment is a lady, mid 55’s, divorced, highly educated, self employed and her long term goal is marriage.

This year she decided to make physical fitness more of a priority. She enjoys walking, hiking, taking numerous exercise classes at the gym, yoga, working out with a personal trainer, kayaking, and biking.
She said “I was tired of feeling bloated and having no energy. I lost weight, have great energy, sleep better and feel better about myself.”
She also loves reading, concerts, live theater, movies and traveling.

When I asked her preference as far as a man’s height is concerned she said “I like short guys.”
I said “I don’t hear that very often.”
She said “Well, I’m short (5’2).
I said “Even short women usually prefer tall men.”
She said “So who dates the short guys?”
I said “You.”

She is easy going, shy, nonconforming, spiritual (as opposed to religious), and very budget minded.
She said “I was raised Jewish. If you have any Jewish men who would be a match for me, that would be great.
I have some good matches for her, but none of them are Jewish.
If you are Jewish and she sounds like a good match for you, you should give me a call.

A client called to tell me he met someone on his own and he is going to go “on hold” for now. He has been a client for about two and a half months and he has taken full advantage of the information and coaching I share to help my clients date more effectively.
He said “Not only do you match, but I have learned so much from you about how to date. Now when I meet someone on my own I find myself wondering what her “scores” would be if she took your test. I think about much more than the fact that I am attracted to her.”
I told him I would be happy to send him a test and get her scores if she is agreeable.
I do this for any of my clients who meet someone on their own and it can be a real eye opener.
If you are too far apart on too many areas of compatibility, the physical attraction only takes you so far.
What I do at Perfectly Matched is opposite of what people do on their own. I start with the things that matter; compatibility, similar long terms goals, and shared interests and activities. I pay attention to the issues like smoking, drinking, kids, pets, education, intellectual compatibility, income and then I look to add the mutual physical attraction.
When my clients are physically attracted to each other, there is so much more potential for success.

Call 260-1000 for your free interview. Learn about your scores and the type of person who will be most compatible for YOU!

To be continued……………………..