August 30, 2015

Here are brief profiles of new clients at Perfectly Matched:

1) A man late 40’s, divorced, educated and his long term goal is possibly marriage. He is fit, active, an adoring father and very easy on the eyes
He enjoys hiking, biking, swimming, golf, snowboarding, walking, working out, hockey, sporting events, music, concerts (especially at Red Rocks) and traveling.

His scores reflect that he is easy going, a little shy, open minded, romantic and affectionate but independent, a fairly strong believer and he enjoys the good things in life.

He said “I want to find the right woman to spend the rest of my life with and I haven’t done too well picking for myself. I go to a professional for every other important part of my life so why not do the same for what is perhaps the most important part. I have a great child, a wonderful job, good health, lots of friends, a beautiful home and having the right lady to share it all with is the only missing piece.”

2) A lady early 50’s, educated, retired, widowed and her long term goal is marriage.
Her scores reflect that she is very easy going, somewhat outgoing, traditional, romantic, a very strong believer and very budget minded.

She enjoys tennis, biking, golf, walking, hiking, working out and spending time with her family and friends. She travels frequently and would like to meet a man who also has the interest and time to travel. She does volunteer work and loves theater, concerts, “all of it”.

She said something I hear often, “I loved being married”. I would also consider living with a partner if marriage is a part of the plan.”

3) A man mid 50’s, widowed and his long term goal is marriage.
His scores reflect that he is extremely easy going, outgoing, traditional, independent and very budget minded.

He has done 1000 miles on his bike. He loves hiking in the mountains and he has climbed two of the 14ers. He also enjoys jazz, movies and religious conferences. He loves salmon and eats organic food.

He said “My faith is the most important part of my life. I live to serve the Lord. I enjoy helping people who are hurt and lost and helping them find strength in their faith. I lady who is pro Obama or pro choice would not be a good match for me. I can pray anywhere.”

4) A lady mid 50’s, divorced and her long term goal is marriage.
Her scores reflect that she is direct and straight forward, somewhat outgoing, open minded, very affectionate, a moderate believer and budget minded.

She walks 5 miles several times a week. She enjoys hiking for fun, “not to climb 14ers”. She loves lakes and oceans and “anything on the water”. She works out 3 or 4 times a week and music is her meditation. She would like to visit Italy and Ireland.

She said “I come from a big family and I am very close with all my siblings and our kids are also very close. It will be really great if the man in my life has a good sense of humor and enjoys family.”

5) A man mid 60’s, educated, retired, divorced and his long term goal is a serious, committed relationship and he would consider marriage or living with the right lady.
His scores reflect that he is somewhat easy going, a little shy, open minded, affectionate but independent, non denominational, and very budget minded.

Golf is his favorite activity and it would be great to meet a lady who also enjoys golf but it is not a requirement. He is an avid reader, does volunteer work and serves on a HOA board. He would like to find a companion who has an interest to travel.

He said “The most important thing to me is that someone be honest, even when it is not easy, and I can promise her the same in return.”

Fall is definitely in the air and one of the things I love about Colorado is how the seasons change almost to the day they begin. Everyone seems to love fall and it is a great time to fall in love.

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To be continued………………………..