December 28, 2015

When my clients meet someone on their own I encourage them to have that person go to my website and take the Profile test so we can see how their scores compare. Most of my clients take advantage of my offer and ask the person they are dating to take the test.

I just finished a conversation with a lady who is dating one of my clients and took the test. She was very surprised by how much I knew about her based on 46 questions and she was intrigued by how compatible her scores are with his. The one difference is their conformity score. She is a 6.5 in conformity and he is a 4, which means she is a little more traditional than he is and he is more open- minded and spontaneous than her.
She said “That is definitely true.”
We went over the other five scores and she also identified with the small differences between them..
She said “This is a great test and I wish I had this information when I was in other relationships.”

In a nutshell, this is what I knew about her from her scores:

She is an 8 in temperament which means she is very easy going and takes things in stride. She is very sensitive, very sensitive to other people as well, and as a result she has people who come to her to confide and talk to her all the time, kind of like a Dear Abby. She very seldom, if ever, blows up and if she does, she is in control then as she is at all times. She does not like to be too critical of others. She always tries to be very tactful and diplomatic.
She said “That all sounds true. Is there a downside to being so easy going?”
I said “There can be a tendency for you to let things build up and to procrastinate and put things off. You will put other people’s feelings before your own, even people who don’t deserve it, and that’s when you can get hurt and taken advantage of. You also probably stay in relationships twice as long as you should because you will give someone the benefit of the doubt until there is no more doubt.”
She said “OMG that is so true!”

Her sociability score is a 6 which means she is out going to some extent but she also has some walls built up around her until she gets to know someone. She is the type of person who would mingle at a party but she wouldn’t show her true colors until she gets to know someone. She is selective of the people she spends her time with and she prefers to socialize with people she knows well.

She is a 6.5 in conformity which means she is a bit traditional. She has morals and values and standards and she would like to settle down a man who appreciates and respects her morals and values and standards.

She is a 6 in affection which means she is affectionate and romantic for sure but she is also independent and she does need her space, even in a relationship and she would not be compatible with a man who tries to smother her.
She said “That is definitely true!”

She is a 5.5 in religion which means she probably had a religious upbringing. She definitely believes in God and she goes to church occasionally.

She is a 5.5 in finance which means she is budget minded, she lives within her means. Every once in awhile she will splurge on something but for the most part she is budget minded.
She said “He has been bugging me to take this test for the last few weeks and now I know why. This is great information and I appreciate your time sharing all this with me.”

The good news is their scores are a good match. Sometimes I test people for my clients and their scores are so different it would be difficult to maintain a successful, compatible relationship. It was really fun to call my client and let him know I would make this match in a heartbeat based on the scores.

I love these scores. They are my tool as a Matchmaker and I believe in them. It cannot be a coincidence that the couples who continue to work out are the ones who have the most compatible scores.

If you are single, emotionally available, interested in meeting someone special and curious about your scores please take my free Profile test on the homepage of my website, and I will call you with your scores. Once I have your scores and talk to you and see you, I know how many matches I have for you.

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Happy New Year!