December 7, 2015

One of the nice things about being in business for 25 years is having the opportunity to work with people more than one time. In the last week two people I worked with years ago reconnected with me and they are once again clients.

One of them is a man who met and married his wife through Perfectly Matched twenty years ago. He had been married once for a few years when I worked with him in 1995. This marriage lasted 17 years and, according to him, it was a great marriage for both of them. Unfortunately, she died unexpectedly a couple of years ago.

He said “I started feeling like I was ready to date a few months ago and I have been doing the online services. They take too much time and I did not meet anyone I was interested in or attracted to. I decided to call you because it worked for me the first time and I like that you do all the screening and filtering.”

I matched him that day and they met the next day. He is very impressed with her and thinks she is an “elegant, attractive lady”. She is also interested in getting to know him better.

The other client is a lady who also met and married the man I matched her with twenty years ago. At that time she was divorced with three young children and he had no children. Their marriage lasted 18 years and they divorced a year and a half ago.

She said “I have no regrets. It was a good marriage for most of the time but we grew apart.”
She has also been trying the online services and was not meeting quality men.
She said “Most of the men lied about their height and none of them looked like their pictures.’

She was at a non-profit event where I offered a 5 match program for an auction item and she won the bid.
She said “I took your profile test on your website this summer and called you but I did not follow through and set an appointment to meet with you. When I saw your auction item I thought it was a sign that I should work with you again.”

I received my first Christmas card again this year from another client who met her husband through Perfectly Matched. Every year Nancy’s Christmas card is the first one I receive and I appreciate that she always remembers me and gives me an update. This year her card says “Hi Donna, I hope all is well with you! Here we are married 19 years on October 18th and 10 grandchildren later. Have a merry and wonderful Christmas! Keith and Nancy.”

Christmas is less than three weeks away and many people I interview this time of year will tell me they are going to wait until after the first of the year. However, I have clients who are available and interested in meeting someone new now.
That is why I am offering 50% off my programs until December 19th. New Year’s resolutions make January my busiest month in business. If checking out Perfectly Matched is something you are thinking about doing after the first of the year you might want to consider it now and take advantage of the Christmas Special. You can start by taking the Profile test on my website at and I will call you with your “scores”, or you can call me at 719-260-1000.

Happy Holidays!