February 22, 2015

Some new clients at Perfectly Matched this week include:

1) A lady, mid 30’s, divorced and highly educated. Her long term goal is marriage and she is open to having children.
She said “I have one child but I would consider having another if I marry a man who has no children and wants one. I am also comfortable, and would likely be more compatible, with a man who has a child or children.”

She is motivated and goal oriented and continuing her education in preparation for a second career. She works out a few times a week and enjoys staying fit. Her interests include basketball, camping, spectator sports, theater, concerts, zoos, history and traveling.

Her height preference is 5’5 or taller. Her age preference is 30 to 48. She is African-American and she is open to all races but she prefers African-American men.
She said “Will that limit my options?”
I went through my client base and determined that I have three possible matches for her and one of them is African-American.
She said “Well, it only takes one.”
I said “I say that all the time.”

Her scores tell me she is easy going, a little shy, open minded, affectionate, independent, a strong believer and budget minded.

I told her I would write about her on the Diary page of my website and hopefully inspire other African-American men to give me a call if she sounds like a good match.

2) A man, early 50’s, divorced and his long term goal is marriage.
He said “I was married for almost 30 years and I liked being married. However, I think I would prefer to live with someone for awhile before we get married.”
I said “What does waiting awhile mean?”
He said “A year, maybe longer but at least a year.”

It is important to him that a lady is comfortable with his family.
He said “My step children are my children and their children are my grandkids. I enjoy spending time with them and it would be nice to have a lady who also has family in her life. If not, as long as she enjoys spending time and sharing in that part of my life with me.”

He enjoys mountain biking, walking, hiking, weekend getaways into the mountains, driving his sports car, movies ( he has a great setup at home for watching movies) and an occasional concert.

He said “Donna, I was 21 the last time I dated and I have no idea where to start. I tried a couple of the online services but it took too much of my time with no results. You said you do more coaching and counseling than you do matchmaking and I am probably going to need some help.
I said “I do all the work. All you have to do is show up for a one hour meeting then call me with your feedback.”

I really enjoy helping people who are just getting back into the dating scene after so many years. It’s a whole new world.

3) A man, mid 30’s, divorced, highly educated and his long term goal is possibly marriage and possibly children. He has a child and he is open to a lady who has one or two children.

He said “I used to shy but I joined a couple of professional groups that I thoroughly enjoy and I have definitely come out of my shell in the last few years. I have gained some great connections and friendships and more self confidence. I found that I truly enjoy being social with the right people.”

He enjoys working out, rock climbing, hockey, running, yoga, reading, classical concerts, working on his rental properties, and he wants to travel.
He said “One of the places I would like to visit is Iceland.”

His age preference is 30 to 40, his height preference is 5’10 or shorter and he is open to all races.
Actually, he is a match for the first lady I wrote about. I called and told her I was adding one more name to her list of matches.

4) A lady, mid 60’s, divorced, retired and her long term goal is a committed, monogamous relationship and she would consider marriage with a prenuptial agreement.
She said “I have been divorced for three years and I am tired of all the game playing I run into trying to date on my own. I am too old for all that nonsense and too young to settle.”

She is petite, fit and comfortably retired after being a self employed business owner for many years. She enjoys gardening, movies, concerts, plays, movies, dancing, boating, camping and traveling.

This is her ideal relationship:

“ Integrity is a must for me in any relationship.
I am looking for someone with traditional values who enjoys dining out and dancing but is equally comfortable spending quite nights at home.
I love to travel and would like someone who would enjoy taking the initiative to plan our trips.
I envision of relationship with someone who has a quick wit and a great sense of humor. What’s better in life than to laugh?
Ultimately, I would like a companion with whom I enjoy this new chapter of my life.”

She loves bald men and Sean Connery would work just fine.

I hope everyone is home safe and warm from this snow storm we have been experiencing for the last two days. Considering what is happening in other parts of the country, we can’t complain and we can always use the moisture but I am looking forward to seeing the sun again!

If you are single, available and interested in meeting quality, serious minded, compatible people give me a call at 260-1000 for your no obligation interview and let’s see how many matches I have for you!
You can start by taking the Profile test on my homepage and I will call you with your “scores”.

To be continued………………………