January 21, 2015

Feedback today from a client I matched with a lady on January 10th :

He said “You did good! We have seen each other every day since we met and we are having a great time! We went to Salsa Brava last Saturday and the manager stopped by our table to ask if we were enjoying our dinner. We told him we were and we were celebrating our anniversary. He asked how many years and we told him it was our one week anniversary. He laughed and told us to come back next Saturday for our second anniversary and he will buy our first drink.”

The interesting thing about this match is that she had been a client for less than a week and he had just called me the day before she came in to reactivate his membership. He dated a lady I matched him with for three years and that relationship ended several months ago. He said he had been thinking about calling me for the last few months and he just happened to call the day before this lady walked into my office. Once again, I experienced how timing is everything and everything happens for a reason.

It is too soon to know if there is long term potential for this match but I heard many of the same things in feedback from both of them that I often hear when it seems to have really clicked for both people:
“The time flew by and the conversation was comfortable and easy.” “I felt like I was talking to a friend instead of someone I had just met.” I didn’t want the meeting to end and I definitely want to get together again.”

I don’t get too excited until a couple makes it to the three month mark. Two to three months is how long it takes for most people to get relaxed enough to be themselves and that is when you start to identify the things that do, or don’t work, which is also why I recommend no intimacy for the first three months. Once you are physically involved, you are more emotionally involved and it takes the focus off the friendship and puts it on the intimacy.

I reminded the fellow I was talking to about no sex for the first three months and he said “You better tell her that.” Alrighty then, my gut feeling is that I am already too late with that advice. Those low conformity, low religion, high affection clients are always breaking my rules!

Valentine’s Day, the day of love and romance, is two weeks from this Saturday. Ironically, the day before Valentine’s Day is Friday the 13th.
I want to turn a bad luck day into good luck by offering 20% off all my regularly priced programs for anyone who becomes a client between now and Friday, February the 13th.
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To be continued……………