January 22, 2014

It is time to write about some of the new clients at Perfectly Matched in the last week:

A man, mid 40’s, divorced, highly educated, his long term goal is a serious, committed relationship and possibly marriage.

He said “I am not looking to serial date. I am looking for that one special person who could be a true partner, lover and best friend to share life with. This is what I am ready and looking for at this stage of my life.”

He is tall, attractive, fit, active, and enjoys biking, hiking, rollerblading, movies, dancing, traveling, playing the guitar, music, concerts, and spending time with his kids.
He said “My kids are great. They are good students, athletes, and high achievers. They live with me part time and I love them with all my heart.”

Physical attraction is very important to him and he was unsure if the type of woman he would be attracted to would join a dating service.

I said “I understand better than most people how important physical attraction is and I think I have a good eye for matching compatible levels of attraction.”
Although I do not usually show pictures, I showed him pictures of three ladies who have given me permission to show their pictures if I feel I have a good match for them.
He found all three of them attractive.
I said “The best thing about my service is when you do meet someone and there is a mutual attraction, there is so much more potential for success. What I do here is opposite of what you do on your own. I start with the things that matter and then add the mutual physical attraction.”

He has already written his Ideal Relationship and it ends with:
“Bottom line is that I would love to date a woman who is positive, honest, caring, sexy, adventurous, loyal, stable, intelligent and attractive.”
And he has all that to offer in return.

Next is a lady, mid 60’s, educated, divorced, grown children, and her long term goal is marriage.
She admitted that she would never have called me if a friend had not encouraged her.

She said “My life is in God’s hands and after one long term marriage I often wonder if I am meant to have someone special in my life again.”
I said “Many people would agree that there is not much that substitutes for having someone special in their lives and everyone who gets involved in Perfectly Matched is looking to find someone special.”

She is a very strong believer and wants to find a man who is also a strong believer and would enjoy going to church with her.
She is petite and fit and enjoys swimming, hiking, skiing, dancing, reading, theater, concerts, traveling, volunteering and tutoring.

She said “I have financial stability and security and I think I will be most compatible with someone who also has financial security and wants to travel.”
I said “I definitely pay attention to financial compatibility when I make a match. You will be most compatible with a man who can afford to make the same lifestyle choices.”

She said “I never imagined myself joining a dating service but I feel comfortable with you and I am going to give this a try. This will be my first and last attempt.”
I said “At the very least, you will meet some quality, compatible men, have some fun, make some friends, and, long term, I don’t give up. It only takes one right one.”

She is a very sweet lady and I look forward to helping her date for the first time in over 40 years.

To be continued…………………..