January 6, 2013

The holidays are finally over, the kids go back to school tomorrow. It’s not really over until the kids go back to school, and most of them had three week vacations. I think two weeks of Christmas is plenty.

I interviewed a young lady this week who made a real impression on me.

She said “Do you have any men who want a woman to be a stay at home wife? I am an excellent homemaker and cook. I have dinner on the table on time every night. I do yard work and have beautiful flower and vegetable gardens. My family eats very healthy food. I maintained a very large home and was a stay at home mom all my marriage. That is how I want to live my life. I love being a wife and having a husband to take care of. I love the security, the compassion, companionship and the intimacy. Are there any men out there looking for a traditional woman to be a stay at home wife?”

Two years ago her husband of over a dozen years, the father of their two children, the man she helped build a very successful business, told her he wanted a divorce.
He has managed to not pay her the money the court ordered him to pay and she is working a part time job making $10 an hour. The big house was sold, the business went out of business, and he rarely sees his children. She thought her life was wonderful but it only takes one person to want a divorce.

She said “Will anyone be open to my situation?”
I said “Let’s focus on all the positive things you bring to the table. You are going through a period of adjustment, as are many people today. Besides, you are a traditional lady and traditional men are more likely to like the idea of a stay at home wife.”

An hour later I was talking to a lady who is already a client and she was asking me the same question, “Are there any men that still want a wife who stays home?”
This lady has a very different profile from the lady I interviewed. She is not traditional, she is a very successful, financially stable, and was the bread winner in her marriage.

It is really amazing to me that we have come so far from what marriage used to be where men were expected to provide security and the women took care of the kids and the home to “Are there any men out there who want a “wife”, or what a “wife” used to be? If so, you should call me.

To be continued…………………………………