July 22, 2014

My first appointment is a man, late 50’s, divorced, educated, has grown children, and his long term goal is marriage.

He is very physically active and would like to find a lady who can share in some of his activities. He is an avid biker and has been to Europe on several biking trips. He has done a number of 14er’s, works out several times a week and plays tennis. He enjoys spectator sports and concerts and goes to a Bronco and Rockies game a couple of times a year.

His age preference for a lady is 45 to 55, height preference 5’2 to 6’1, he is open to all races, and prefers someone whose kids are also grown.

This is a portion of his Ideal Relationship:

“Ideal is when two people “click” or “flow” together, something that just happens on its own, without effort. Someone who is strong within yet soft when it counts. An adventurist, not afraid to get out and get off on life, to live for today.

I have many more chapters to be written in my life and I am flexible to how it unfolds. I would love a co-author with some fresh ideas on what might be next.”

My second appointment is a lady who is allowing me to share her Ideal Relationship.
To protect her privacy I am not going to share information about her.
I occasionally share my clients Ideal Relationships to reflect how serious minded they are when it comes to meeting the right person.

“The first words that come to mind when I think of “ideal” relationship are: loving, fun, respectful, independent, and compassionate. What is important to me is that when we are in each other’s company, we both feel like “ourselves”, that we bring out the best in each other. I feel this when I smile easily, can be my silly or serious self naturally, depending upon the situation. A friend once shared her favorite quote with me, and I love its deeper meaning: “You aren’t truly successful until you have helped someone else be successful, too”. In an intimate relationship, I’d hope we would both feel energized by such interest and support, the giving and receiving mutually.
We’d both share a love of the outdoors, appreciating nature’s simple beauty whether that means skiing, camping, going for a good hike, hanging out in the garden, or just having drinks on the deck. We’d also be compatible travel partners who love adventure and are open-minded to different cultures. Weekends might be spent at home, cooking together, catching up on reading and house projects or could be spontaneous times away to the mountains or Denver. Although I’d consider myself down-to-earth, I do love to get dressed up with my special man to enjoy a night on the town. Our friendship would have open communication, laughter, and a positive approach to the “bumps” in the road that come along the way.
My ideal relationship would also include our families whether that means children and extended members as well. Time with my children is an integral part of my everyday life and we have a great relationship. I’d want to share that with my partner, and I’d hope to share in his family, too.”
If she sounds like you would like to meet, call me at 260-1000.

To be continued………