July 31, 2015

Here are some brief profiles of new clients at Perfectly Matched this week:

1) A lady, mid 30’s, highly educated, ABS (always been single) and her long term goal is marriage and children.

She said “I have traditional values and I do not have a ton of relationship experience because I am very focused on a man who has marriage potential and wants to have a family. In the meantime I have dated a lot but I have kept my relationships on a friendship basis. I believe a physical relationship should wait until marriage.”
She is a strong believer and wants to be with a man who also has a strong faith.

Her scores reflect that she is easy going, outgoing, traditional, independent, romantic, and she enjoys the good things in life. She is financially stable and secure and appreciates a man who is also financially secure.

She enjoys skiing, hiking, staying fit, cooking and entertaining, spending time with her family and friends, outdoor concerts and traveling.

She is world traveled and has done some missionary trips in third world countries.
She said “Every time I go to an impoverish country I am amazed by the people who have nothing but are willing to give everything.”

2) A man, late 50’s, widowed and his long term goal is possibly marriage.

He said “I have not dated much because my kids have been my first priority for the last eight years. I finally feel like I am ready to date but I have no idea how to do it.”
He has seen and heard my ads for years but it was the TV ad that inspired him to go to my website and take the Profile test.
He said “When you called me with my scores and I realized how much you knew about me I was very surprised. After talking with you I felt like you could help me start dating again.”

He enjoys working out at the gym, golf, camping, hiking, road trips and weekend getaways, and volunteer work. He has been to Spain and Brazil and has in interest to travel internationally.

He is open to all races and is very flexible about his age and height preferences.

He was impressed with the profiles of the ladies I think would be good matches for him and he is excited about moving on with his life.
He said “I am going to let you lead me on this journey and I look forward to meeting some of these ladies.”

3) A man, early 70’s, widowed, educated, retired and his long term goal is possibly marriage.

I worked with him 13 years ago when he was newly widowed. He went through the matches he purchased and has been dating on his own for the last 12 years.
He said “I am done with the online dating. It has been such a waste of time.”
I said “What made you think about calling me again?”
He said “I saw your ad on the wall somewhere for the millionth time and decided to try it again because I am in a much better place today than I was 13 years ago and I am really ready to meet someone special.”

He enjoys biking, golf, musical festivals, sporting events, dancing and has an interest to do some traveling.

He said “It would be great if you can find me a lady who is also retired, classy, attractive, fit and someone who likes to laugh.” And tall, I like tall ladies.”

I am happy to have a second chance to help him find the right lady.

I had feedback today from a man who presumed to kiss a lady I match him with at the end of their first meeting. It was not the typical first meeting in that they did not follow my recommendations for a first meeting. They met for a two hour dinner in a romantic restaurant, instead of a brief one hour meeting, and took a walk around the lake in the moonlight. She was not expecting him to kiss her and it caught her off guard. He was surprised when I told him she was not interested and the kiss made her uncomfortable.
He said “I have probably met 60 women since my divorce and 9.5 out of 10 of them are fine with a kiss on the first date.”
I said “It may be different with the women you meet on your own but I have made thousands of matches and a first meeting rarely ends with a kiss.”
Never presume a kiss will be appropriate on a first meeting or date and pay attention to body language. According to her, there was no way she was encouraging him or wanting him to kiss her.
It works better if you follow the rules…Brief first meeting, not lunch or dinner, meet for an hour and end the meeting with “Nice to meet you, let’s get back to Donna”.
So simple.