July 8, 2014

After 23 years in business there aren’t many new “firsts” but I have one today. For the first time, a client has married both of his wives through Perfectly Matched. His first marriage lasted 15 years and he became a client again almost four years ago.

It took three years for her to walk through my door and he was her first and only match. Today I received a card with their wedding picture. They dated for one year before they married. I have such a history with this man and have seen him go through so many different and sometimes difficult times. I could not help but remember the times when things did not go as expected and he was discouraged and wondering if he was ever going to meet the right lady. I encouraged him to believe that she does exist and that he would meet her. This is especially fulfilling for me because this man is one of the best and I think they are perfectly matched. They look so happy in their picture!

Dating isn’t always fun but you can’t give up because it only takes one right one.

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