June 12, 2015

I have a client who is looking for a country girl who grew up in the country, has been to the city and is ready to go back to the country. Bottom line, he is looking for a lady who can see herself spending the rest of her life living happily ever after with him in Leadville, Colorado.
I told him I would feature his profile on my Facebook and website pages in hopes of attracting that one special woman.

This gentleman is in his mid 60’s, widowed, and his long term goal is a serious monogamous, committed relationship. He is self employed and has been a successful builder and real estate investor most of his life.

In the interview he told me “I lived in Aspen until the billionaires came in and pushed out the millionaires. Then I moved to Red Stone until the billionaires came in and pushed out the millionaires. I have lived in Leadville for 13 years and I plan to stay in Leadville.”

His “scores” indicate that he is an easy going, outgoing, open-minded, affectionate man who is very spiritual and enjoys the good things in life. He loves his home, music and reading. He also enjoys live theater, walking, fishing, remodeling and flipping houses.

When I asked him the type of woman he finds attractive he said “I am not attracted to someone who looks like Twiggy and I lean towards blondes.”

He says living in Leadville is like living in paradise and he wants to share his paradise with the right woman.

This is his Ideal Relationship:

“Someone to share my life and common interests with, and is willing to relocate to Leadville, Colorado and share my beautiful mountain home with me. An equal partner to enjoy the simple pleasures of life in the Colorado Rockies. The beauty of nature, reading, listening to music, entertaining friends, some travel, cross country skiing, bicycling, hiking, camping, fishing, rod and gun club, and quiet evenings at home.”


“As equal partners we decide which expenses to share. Each partner has their own funds for their personal expenses. With this arrangement each partner can spend their personal funds as they choose.”

Household Chores:

“I have been keeping house since I left home at 17. I clean, cook, do laundry, iron, take care of all home maintenance.”
“ One of my greatest joys is serving my mate. I have been married for over 40 years and I am a one woman man.”

Special Moments:

“I love all type of music. I have spent my life collecting over 6000 LPS and 2000 CDS, and assembled a $100,000 Audio System. I am an avid reader. I have studied economics for the past 35 years. I have remodeled and sold over 30 homes doing most of the renovation myself. I am still active in Real Estate Investment. I love my 3 cats. I collect black powder and historic firearms. I am a Christian Conservative.”

If he sounds like a good match for you or someone you know please give me a call at 719-260-1000. If you appear to be a good match for each other I will make a complimentary introduction.

He is a great guy and I would love to help him fill this void in his life and give the right lady the opportunity to share his paradise!

To be continued……………….