June 29, 2012

My first appointment today is a “be back”, a man I interviewed in May. He is mid 50’s, divorced, has grown kids, his long term goal is a serious relationship, not marriage.
He is a good looking, tall, Hispanic man and he would love to meet a Hispanic lady.

He said “I would love to meet a Hispanic lady. My pervious relationships have always been with Caucasian ladies, and I am very open to also meeting Caucasian ladies, but I have always thought it would be great to fall in love with a Hispanic lady.”

He is very active, does the Manitou Incline every week! He also hikes a couple of times a week, lifts weights, mountain bikes and enjoys camping.

His age preference for a lady is 50 to 60. I told him it is refreshing that he will date someone a few years older than himself.
He said “If I find her attractive, and she can keep up with me, age does not matter.” I told him he took the words right out of my mouth.

He is a very likable fellow, really easy to talk to, comfortable to be around, and he has a fabulous smile.

The ladies are going to love him!

I am still without internet or cable since returning home Thursday night from the evacuation because of the Waldo Canyon Fire. I understand this is a minor inconvenience compared to what others are dealing with. Initially they said 24 hours, then another 24 hours and now they are saying they don’t know long how it will be. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for things like this and other things like utilities, gas. They can only do what they can do, and they are dealing with a scenario that has never happened before, but it appears that the people who are waiting for the gas to be turned on will be the people who will be waiting the longest.

I walked down the sidewalk to the corner of Flying W Ranch and 30th, right across the street from my apartment complex. The houses as you start up Flying W Ranch Rd are still standing and look fine. I could see an area of burned grass and a tree about twenty yards from the corner but I could not see any burned homes. I know Majestic Drive, where so many blocks of homes were destroyed, is about five or six blocks to the right. The smell of smoke and fire is constant and, so far, pretty strong. I can’t help but wonder how this will be long term.

There was good news this morning at the 8am press conference. The fire is now 30% contained. Unfortunately, they have discovered the bodies of two people in the same home. I wonder if they choose to stay, were unable to get out, or were somehow unaware of what was happening. Whatever the reason, it’s tragic, and we now have at least two fatalities. Hopefully, that is a number that will not grow.

At yesterday’s press conference someone asked Rich Harvey, the incident commander for the Waldo Canyon Fire, and the man who does most of the talking about the fire, when he would feel comfortable that the fire was under control.
He said “When I am headed home to Nevada.” I hope he is able to go home soon!

To be continued………