June 5, 2013

My first appointment today is a lady, late 20’s, educated, ABS (always been single), her long term goal is marriage and children.
She said “I want to get this right the first time. Almost everyone I know is divorced. I know their stories, and I think most of them are divorced because they did not marry someone right for them in the first place.”

After a couple of significant relationships she feels she knows herself better, and also the man who will be a good match for her.
She said “I read your diaries and I agree with you that I want someone as much like myself as possible. If you can find me a man like me, that will be perfect.”

She owns her home, has a job she loves, has great relationships with her family and friends, has a dog she adores and the only thing missing is the right man.
She said “I want to meet a man who believes children should be raised by their parents, and not a by a babysitter or a daycare center. It is very important that to me that he has a strong desire to be a hands on father and be very actively involved in our children’s lives.”

She loves the outdoors, snowboarding, hiking, camping, rafting, and kayaking. She also enjoys reading, concerts, road trips and spas.

She said “The man I marry will probably be the most important decision I make in my life. I want to do everything I can to make sure I make the right decision.”

I have met many serious minded perspective clients in my 25 years of matchmaking but she is definitely one of the most focused I have ever met, and at her young age it is very impressive. I plan to do everything I can to help her make the right decision and find the right man.

My second appointment is a young lady who has booked three appointments in the last five months. She cancelled the first one, rescheduled the second one, and has no showed the third one. I told her if she did not make this appointment I would not schedule another appointment. How serious do you think she is?
From one extreme to the other, that’s what the matchmaking business is all about!

To be continued……