May 11, 2014

Yesterday, Saturday, was one of my most fulfilling days at Perfectly Matched. It was a combination of adding three new clients in one day, good news from two couples who are going “on hold” (which means they have decided to date exclusively), and the realization once again of how fortune I am to be able to effect people in such an important part of their lives.

My first appointment is a lady I interviewed on Thursday who said she wanted the weekend to think about whether or not she wanted to become a client. She called me the next day and said she had already made the decision to get involved.
She said “You said so many things the other day that resonated with me and made me think about how little I know about how to date and where to start.”
She has been widowed for three years and has not dated since she was 19 years old. She was widowed young and for her privacy I am not going to disclose her age.
She said “I am scared but I like the fact that there is no time frame on your service so if I meet one or two guys and decide I want to go “on hold” I am not limited by my membership only lasting for a year. I also like that you can coach me as I go through this process and I know I can use some help.”

Her story is tragic because her husband decided to take his own life. We agreed on how I would share her information and make this process as comfortable as possible for her and the men she will be meeting. I admire her openness and respect her vulnerability and will do my best to help her make this transition.
My goal and hers initially is to introduce her to some quality, compatible men and have some fun. Long term she would love to be married again.

I know this takes a lot of courage on her part and look forward to sharing this journey with her.

My second appointment is a man who was a client 15 years ago. He is now in his early 70’s and ended a long term relationship about a year ago.
Because I never discard any of my files, I had his profile and scores from 15 years ago. He took the profile test again and, no surprise to me, his scores were almost exactly the same.

He said “This is amazing because the two scores that are a little different are so reflective of what has occurred in my life since I last worked with you.”
I also handed him his Ideal Relationship he wrote 15 years ago to read. He shook his head and said “Nothing has changed. This is still what I want.”

He said “As I was driving over here I thought about whether or not I should just be done when it comes to having another relationship.”
I said “Well, there must be a reason you called me and you are here today.”

I agreed to sell him half the program for half the price and we are going to work together again.
Ultimately, I think most people realize there is nothing that substitutes for having someone special in their lives and he is not ready to give up.

My third appointment is a man, early 50’s, ABS (always been single), educated, and his long term goal is marriage.
He looks about ten years younger than his age and he said people tell him that all the time.
I said “It’s because you don’t have children.”
He laughed and said “I love kids and I was in a relationship with a lady for over 10 years who had two young children when I met her. I feel like I had the parenting experience and those two young adults are still a part of my life today.”

He loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, camping, rock climbing, water and snow skiing, scuba diving, movies, music, live bands, theaters, concerts, red wine, traveling and he loves to dance.
He said “I still have a long list of places I want to visit and a lady who has a wants to travel would be great.”

Although he has always been single, he has some significant relationship history including two long term relationships.
He said “Donna, I am so ready to meet the right person. Everything in my life is great. I love my job, I have great friends, a beautiful home, I am healthy and active. The right lady is the only thing missing.”

He is an easy going, outgoing, affectionate, financially stable, fun loving fellow and so darn cute I wanted to pinch his cheeks.
It was a great interview and the perfect way to end an amazing week.

As far as the two couples who decided to date exclusively, one of the men is a man I have worked with off and on for 10 years. One of his relationships lasted five years and he was broken hearted when it ended. We have been through so much together and to hear him sounding so happy was the icing on the cake.

If there was ever a time to say it again, it’s now….I LOVE MY JOB!

To be continued……………………