May 15, 2012

I have been so busy with my new ad campaign which started today with new radio ads on KKLI, 106.3 from 6am to 10am and 4pm to 6pm, and the new wall ads to be seen soon in a restroom near you. People tease me about the wall ads, but after referral business, they are my second best score of new leads. There will be a new ad in the Gazette in the “GO” section Friday and I have a new logo and tagline. The new tagline is “Love Happens Here”. This is the first time in 21 years I have had an advertising agency help me and I love what they are doing. The company is PROPEL ( and a client referred me to them. Next they will be doing a new website for Perfectly Matched and I can’t wait to see it!

Donna’s Daily Dairy got put on the backburner last week and tonight I finally have time to write about some of the new clients who joined Perfectly Matched last week.

Last week was Mother’s Day, but it was all men at Perfectly Matched. In addition to the man I wrote about on May 8th, these are the other men who are now new clients:

1. A man, early 50’s, divorced, highly educated, he has grown children and grade school children, and his long term goal is marriage. I really like this man. After two divorces, he knows with the right lady he would like to be married again. He is traditional and loved being married. He came to me to increase his odds of never being divorced again. He was very surprised by how much I knew about him from the 46 question profile test he took. He is quick to smile, very genuine and down to earth.

He said “I can see how meeting someone whose scores are compatible with mine will mean that I will meet someone who thinks much the same as I do in all these areas of compatibility. I have taken and given many personality profile tests and I cannot believe how much you know about me from just 46 questions.”

I said “I believe in this test. I have been using it for 23 years, and it just cannot be a coincidence that the couples who continue to have success are the couples who have the most compatible scores.”

He enjoys tennis, hockey, spectator sports, concerts, musicals, and travel. He loves children and will be a great role model and mentor.

When I asked him what was important as far as physical attraction, instead of immediately saying “not overweight”, as most men do, he said “I really like nice legs.” He laughed and seemed a little embarrassed, and I said “It’s OK, I’ve heard it all, and in general, men are either leg men or breast men. I have been told that leg men are usually more intelligent.”

He said “Do you find that to be true?”
I said “Yes!”

I have some great matches for him and we have already agreed who the first one will be.

2. A man, late 30’s, educated, ABS, his long term goal is marriage and children. His sister told him to call me. Over the years, some of my favorite male clients have been the ones whose sisters sent them in my direction.

He said “She is tired of being my dating coach, and says I never listen to her. That I keep attracting what she calls drama girls, mama girls and let me get in your pajama girls.” I like his sister already.
He is very good looking and has a bit of an problem with the idea that he has come to see a matchmaker.
He said “I don’t have any trouble meeting girls.”
I said “I can easily believe that, but you must not be meeting the right girls or else we would not be sitting here having this conversation.”

When we finished the interview he said “Donna, anyone can sound good on paper. What do they look like?”
Although I don’t usually show pictures, I know when I have to do it to make someone believe I have the type of person they are looking for. I showed him three pictures of the women I had talked to him about and he said “Why would someone who looks like this come to a dating service?”
I said “You’re here.”

Touché…..I just got his sister’s job.

3. The final man last week, is mid 40’s, divorced, self employed, no children, and his long term goal is a serious, committed, monogamous relationship which does not include marriage.

He said “Marriage is an antiquated institution which should be abolished.”
I said “Why don’t you tell me how you really feel about it?” He laughed, but he has strong feelings about all the pitfalls of marriage. His parents, all of his siblings, and most of his friends are divorced. He has been through so much of the conflict with them that he truly believes marriage is the worst thing you can do if you want a relationship to last.
He said “It takes much more of a commitment to stay together because it is what both of you want, rather than because you signed a piece of paper which ultimately gives one person the advantage.”
His scores are nontraditional and not religious, so his chances of me finding a lady who will be comfortable with his ideas are good.

He loves to travel, especially out of the country, and go away for weeks, even months, at a time. He prefers to meet a lady who has the flexibility to join him.
He said “I don’t mind paying for both of us. I can afford it, and if she is a good travel companion, I am more than happy to pay for everything.”

He also enjoys the arts, museums are on the top of the list wherever he travels. He loves to read, cook, garden and his passion is running. He has done the Pikes Peak Ascent many times, and a number of marathons.

He is tall and thin and he prefers a lady who is tall and thin. Someone who also runs would be ideal.

He said “I want my next relationship to be my last relationship and I am counting on you to make that happen.”

No pressure here! I will, of course, do my best!

One week, four men…where are the ladies???!!!!

To be continued………