May 25, 2015

Here are some profiles of new clients at Perfectly Matched:

1) A lady, early 30’s, divorced and her long term goal is marriage and children.

She said “I have a young child to consider now so it is not just about matching me , it is about matching us.”
I said “It is definitely a package deal when children are involved. Just as I look for them to match your preferences I also look for you to match their preferences. I will know if he is open to a lady who has a young child and if he is not, I won’t make the match.”

She is working on her education and, in addition to working for the same company for 14 years, she is also going to school to get her degree in nursing.
I said “Do you have time for a personal time?”
She said “I will find the time for a relationship but I don’t have time to find the man, that’s why I have come to see you.”
She has a lot of support from her family and they help her care for her child.

She enjoys football and hockey games, hiking, zoos, movies, theater, concerts and vacations in the mountains.
She liked being married and she would love to have more children.

She is tall, fit, and very pretty with long dark hair and beautiful skin.
When I asked her about her physical preferences as for as a man is concerned she said “Tim Tebow would work just fine.”

2) A man, mid 40’s, ABS (always been single), educated and his long term goal is marriage.
He said “I am not interested in having kids but I love kids. I have nine nieces and nephews, and I am very open to meeting ladies who have kids.”
He is new to Colorado Springs and he is also interested in making new friends.
I said “People don’t come here to make friends but it happens all the time because you are meeting someone who has been hand selected for you and often times even if the spark for romance is not there, friendship develops.”

He enjoys fly fishing, camping, hiking, golf and traveling.
He said “I have been to Ireland three times and I would love to go again and share that experience with someone special.”
As far as physical preferences for a lady he said “I am no Brad Pitt so I am not looking for a model. I don’t mind if a lady is 15 to 30 pounds overweight. I want someone who is easy going and has a good heart.”

3) A lady, mid 40’s, ABS, educated and her long term goal is marriage.

She said “I love my work, I have a great house and I want to share my life with the right man. I have had three long term relationships and I feel like my picker is broken. I don’t want to waste any more time in a relationship the wrong man.”

She has done several half marathons and enjoys running, hiking, doing the Incline, sporting events, concerts, college football, and plays on a softball team.

Her one physical requirement as far as a man is concerned is that “I don’t want to wrap my arms around him and be able to touch myself.”

4) A man, late 40’s, divorced, highly educated and his long term goal is “eventually, absolutely to be married again.”

He is physically been out of his marriage for two years and he has been meeting ladies on the online dating sites.
He said “Initially I said yes to anyone who wanted to meet me and, although I have learned to be more discriminating, it is still very time consuming, expensive and disappointing. I decided you could serve as a filter and save me time and hopefully I will meet serious minded ladies as opposed to ladies who are just looking for a free lunch or dinner.”

He enjoys working out, weight lifting, playing baseball, hiking, reading, movies, spending time with his kids, traveling, music and concerts.

When I asked him on a scale of “0” to “10” how important physical attraction is he said, with no hesitation, “10”.
I said “When I make a match I have to consider both sides of the match. Do you think you are a “10”?
He said “Probably not, but I have to be very attracted to her.”
I said “And she has to be attracted to you.”
Fortunately, he is not far from a “10” himself and women are generally not as physically focused as men.

5) A lady, late 40’s, divorced, highly educated, self employed and her long term goal is marriage.

We have a mutual friend who has been encouraging her to call me for years.
She said “I always knew when the time was right I was going to call you and that time is now.”

She does not have children and she prefers to meet a man whose children are grown and on their own.
She said “I have been single for a long time and have worked very hard. I have had some great experiences working in different career fields but I guess you could say I am ready to settle down with the right man.”
I said “And be married?”
She said “Yes, I would not live with someone without being married. What matters most to me is health, business and having a good relationship. Also, he should be a Republican. I wouldn’t do well with a Liberal.”
I said “No problem, you have Republican scores.”

She loves to cook, investing in properties, racquetball, dining out, entertaining, music, reading and politics.

I asked her what her physical preferences were and she said “I love bald, boring white guys.”

6) A man, early 70’s, widowed, retired and his long term goal is marriage.

He said “A friend told me she heard about a lady in Colorado Springs who was a Matchmaker and she thought it would be easier for me to start dating if I worked with a professional. I have not dated in 50 years and I would look forward to all the help I can get.”

He is a very attractive, active, fit man and he prefers to date ladies in their 60’s and up to his own age.
I said “It is refreshing that you will date in your own age range.”
He said “I want to have things in common with someone and it just makes sense that would be more likely with someone closer to my age.”

He enjoys tennis, golf, working out, Pilates, dancing, meditating, movies, music, good food, nice restaurants and traveling.

He said “I want to meet a lady who really knows herself, has a great sense of humor, is up on current events, wants to continue to learn, dresses nicely, has class, is a good kisser and all my equipment is working.”
Okey dokey!

I had some interesting feedback from a client who met a lady on his own.
He said “She started texting me from the very beginning and I told her I am not really into texting. When I called her she let it go to voicemail. Then she called me back and was very upset that I presumed to call her before texting her to ask her permission to call because “a phone call was much too personal”. A sign of the times? I hope not.

In spite of the dreary weather, or maybe because of it, May has been a very busy month. Summer is just around the corner and now is a great time to make your personal a priority.
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To be continued………….