November 4, 2015

Here are some brief profiles on new clients at Perfectly Matched:

A man, early 30’s, ABS (always been single), educated and his long term goal is marriage. He can go either way as far as having kids. He is in the Air Force and will be in Colorado Springs for at least the next three years.
He said “I have only been here for a few weeks but I already love it and could definitely see myself living here when I retire from the Air Force.”

He enjoys hiking, biking, movies, traveling and he is looking forward to exploring more of Colorado.

He has been stationed all over the world with his military career and is looking forward to staying in one place for the next three years.
He said “It is hard to have a relationship when you move every year or two and I have never really had a serious relationship because I got into the military right out of high school. I have been telling myself when I move to Colorado I am going to fall in love with a wonderful girl.”

I look forward to helping him find her.

A lady, mid 30’s, divorced, a doctor, and her long term goal is marriage and children.
She said “I have a wonderful child and I know I want to have more kids. I have a good relationship with my ex-husband and he is a great dad but I want the forever after marriage where we stay together and raise our kids together.”

She is very physically active and enjoys hiking, working out, marathons, horseback riding, hunting, camping, concerts, traveling and sporting events. Born and raised in Colorado, she is a huge Bronco fan.

Her age preference for a man is 28 to 42. Her height preference is 5’10 or taller and she is open to all races.

I met her when she was 19 years old and her dad was a friend of mine. He is the one who encouraged her to give me a call.
She is a beautiful, smart, successful, young lady and I will look for a man who has as much to offer her and she has to offer in return.

A lady, early 40’s, ABS, highly educated and her long term goal is marriage. She is open to having a child.

She said “I am a perfectionist when it comes to getting my work done and I am in a good place with my career. I want to make my personal life a priority for the first time. I am ready for the right man to come into my life.”

She loves skiing and cold weather activities more than the beach. She also loves cooking, baking, theaters, concerts, lots of movies and she is a Green Bay Packer fan.

Her age preference is 35 to 45 and she is open to all races. She is tall and prefers a man who is 5’11 or taller.
She said “I want a man who can carry me out of a burning building if necessary.”

A lady, early 50’s, divorced and her long term goal is a serious, committed relationship and possibly marriage.

She said “I am a Christian woman and a man who is compatible with me would be a strong believer but I am not sure about marriage. I would consider living with someone when my children are out of the home.”
She has great kids who are college bound and she will be an empty nester in a couple of years.

She enjoys hiking, weight training, cross fit, sporting events, concerts, theater and she travels a lot with her friends.
Her idea of a good date is doing the Incline.

A man, mid 50’s, divorced, educated and his long term goal is marriage.

He said “I loved being married. The first 15 years were great and I want to experience that again.”
I said “It does not surprise me anymore when someone who is divorced says they loved being married. I hear it all the time and I think that’s great. Once you know what a good marriage feels like, you won’t settle for less when you move on.”

He has been trying the online dating sites and his experience is typical of what I hear over and over about online dating…time consuming, ineffective, people are not honest, they don’t look like their pictures and they don’t live near here.
He said “I am tired of wasting my time and I am not meeting quality ladies.”

He enjoys skiing, hiking, golf, biking, spending time with his family and friends, sporting events and he wants to do more traveling.
He is a very involved father and has two wonderful kids.

I had a conversation with a client today who has been dating a man she met on her own.
She said “He is a great guy and I like so many things about him but I don’t see him as much as I would like to.”
I said “How often do you see him?”
She said “I have seen him four times in six weeks. He says he wants to spend more time with me but his job and his kids take up a lot of his time.”
I said “Most people see each other two or three times a week when they are in a relationship. It’s never a matter of time, it’s a matter of priorities. I work with clients who have kids, two jobs, go to school and still find time for a relationship.”
She asked me if I thought she should keep her options open and meet other men.
I said “Yes, and I think that’s why you called me.”
The bottom line is they are probably not on the same page.

It looks like we are finally going to get some snow in the next couple of days and it’s about time! 38 years in Colorado Springs and I can never remember a year where we have gone this long without some snow. I don’t even like it and I am ready for it to snow! Think holidays, think cuddling up with someone, think how nice it would be to have someone special in your life then think about calling 260-1000 and let’s see how many matches I have for you.
It only takes ONE right one.