October 1, 2014

My first appointment today is a man, mid 40’s. He is educated, self employed, successful, financially stable and divorced. His long term goal is a serious, monogamous, committed relationship and he would definitely consider marriage.

He said “I have been divorced for several years and I have tried dating but all I seem to meet are ladies who think they can ask to borrow their rent money from me after the third date.”
I said “Did that really happen?”
He said “Yes, and I told her you got to be kidding me. We have been on three dates and you think it’s OK to ask me for your rent money. If we were in a relationship for a few months and you lost your job or something like that, I would probably lend you the money but we don’t even know each other.”
I assured him that would not happen with the ladies he would meet through Perfectly Matched.

He has traveled all over the world but he loves the Caribbean and goes a couple of times a year. He also enjoys camping, being in the mountains, bowling and reading.
He said “I don’t have kids but I do have two dogs who are like my kids. They are great dogs and they love to go wherever I go. I take them to work with me most days and I would like to meet someone who doesn’t have a problem with my dogs.”

I asked “How do you feel about meeting a lady who has kids?”
He said “I prefer the kids are grown or at least high school age. I dated one lady who had two sons in their 20’s still living with her and they sat on the couch and played video games all day. I told them to get off their butts and go get a job.”

He is very open on his preferences. His age preference is 37 to 50. He is open to all races and his height preference is under 5’10.

He is down to earth and genuine. He has no trouble expressing his opinions and letting you know where he stands.
What you see is what you get and he is cute, cute, cute.

My second appointment is also a man, mid 50’s, divorced and his long term goal is marriage. He has two grown children he is very connected to from that marriage, and he is also close to his two step children whom he helped raise.

He has only been married once but he has had two significant relationships in the last 12 years.
He said “I loved them both but they both cheated on me. I am beginning to believe that nice guys do finish last and women are only attracted to “bad boys” who treat them badly.”
I said “That’s not true. I worked with plenty of women who want to meet a nice guy like you. You just aren’t meeting the right ladies.”

He does have a heart of gold and loves helping others but it sounds to me like he is generous to a fault.
He said “I just want to be loved. I have so much love to give to the right lady.”

He is a strong believer, an “8” on a scale of “0” to “10”.
I said “Is it important to you that she goes to church?”
He said “Yes, I would love to have someone to sit and hold hands with in church.”

He loves to fish and camp with his two dogs. She must love dogs. He also plays golf and wants to travel and go to concerts and local events with someone special.
He does not drink and he has found that to be an issue with ladies who do drink.
He said “I quit drinking when I was 23 and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I don’t mind if a lady drinks but I want someone who supports the fact that I do not drink.”

He is open on his preferences and he is very comfortable dating someone older than him.
He said “I like ladies who are older than me. They have their acts together and they are easy to be around.”
I said “How old?”
He said “I have seen some beautiful women who are 65.”

As he was walking out the door he said “One more thing, I am dying to go on a cruise with a lady.”

I plan to make sure this nice guy does not finish last.

Fall is definitely here and the holidays are just around the corner. Now is a great time to make your personal life a priority.
You can take my profile test from my website to get started.
Let’s see what your scores say about you!

To be continued……………..