October 10, 2014

My first appointment this today is a man, late 30’s, divorced and his long term goal is marriage. He can go either way as far as having children.

He said “If I meet the right lady and she wants to have kids that would be awesome but I don’t want to limit myself to only meeting ladies who are interested in having children. The right person for me might already have kids and that would be fine too.”

He is self employed and owns several successful businesses.
I said “With all these different businesses do you have time for your personal life?”
He said “My primary business keeps me busy four days a week and I have managers or employees who help me with the others.”

He enjoys hunting, shooting, camping, fishing, four wheeling, weekend road trips, hot springs and country music.

He said “I believe love conquers all and with the right lady in my life the possibilities would be endless.”

He is tall, fit, active, easygoing, down to earth, quick to smile and laugh and third generation in Colorado Springs.
It was a fun interview. I can’t remember the last time someone said “Love conquers all”.

A few weeks ago I put the profile test I work with on the homepage of my website and people can now take the test and email it to me. I score the test and call them with their “scores”. Approximately 40 people have taken the profile test so far and most of them have been very surprised how much I know about them just from 46 questions.
On a scale of “0” to “10” the test measures six levels of compatibility; temperament, sociability, conformity, affection, religion and finance. It takes less than ten minutes for most people to take it.

If you are single, emotionally available and desirous of meeting someone special why not start by taking the profile test and I will call you with your “scores”.

To be continued……………