September 15, 2014

I have been MIA on my entries for the last two weeks because it has been very busy at Perfectly Matched. Getting back on track, the following are new clients from last week:

A man I interviewed a couple of months ago, mid 60’s, divorced, highly educated, his long term goal is a serious relationship, possibly marriage. He is recently divorced from a long term marriage and has not dated for many years.

He said “I have done some dating since I last met with you and I am realizing dating is not easy. Friends have introduced me to very nice ladies but I have not been attracted to them. I don’t know how you factor that into your matching but I need you to understand I have to be attracted to them.”

I laughed and said “Take a ticket and get in line. Everyone tells me they have to be attracted to the other person or else it will not progress to romance. Not everyone understands that there has to be mutual physical attraction, they have to be attracted to you too. I can sit here all day and match the paperwork but I know it will go nowhere if there is not mutual physical attraction and I think I have a good eye for matching equal levels of attraction.

He said “Can I see their pictures?”
I said “I ask my clients to trust my judgment on the first two matches. I am not opposed to showing pictures but most people do not take a good picture and you will see something in person that you cannot see in a picture.”

His interests include golf, skiing, hiking, working out, traveling and reading. He is very open expanding his activities and would like to participate in new and different experiences.

His “scores” indicate he is very easy going, somewhat outgoing, open minded, very affectionate, spiritual as opposed to religious, and budget minded.
The right lady for him will have many of those same qualities.

A lady, mid 50’s, highly educated and her long term goal is marriage. I worked with her 16 years ago but now she is in a much better place to focus on her personal life.

She said “I have made my career and my child my first priority. My career is going great and soon I will be an empty nester. I am very ready for the right man to come into my life.”

She took the profile test again and just two of her scores were a half a point different. I showed her the picture I had taken 16 years ago and she laughed.
She said “I have the same hair style. Maybe it is time to talk to my hair stylist and get a new look.”
She also looks very much like the picture I took 16 years ago.

She enjoys skiing, hiking, exercising, dining out, cooking, entertaining, theater, concerts, reading and traveling.

Her scores indicate she is very easy going, somewhat outgoing, open minded, affectionate, spiritual and budget minded.
Actually, she could be a good match with the man I previously profiled. He is a couple of years over her upper end age preference but age is the least important thing if everything else, including physical attraction, also lines up.

A lady, mid 40’s, divorced, educated and her long term goal is perhaps marriage. She has five children.

I said “Obviously a man would need to be open to the fact that you have five children.”
She said “I have great kids. They are very involved in our church and they mentor other kids. We all run the household. I give them marching orders and we all share in the responsibilities.”
Their house has also been a haven over the years for kids who need a safe place to fall in times of trouble.

She has a peacefulness about her that is very calming. I loved hearing about her family life and her discussions with her children. She is a content and happy woman.

She loves to hike or take long walks on a beautiful day. She also enjoys sailing, tennis, musicals, going to plays, and the hot springs.

Her scores indicate she is easy going, somewhat out going, a bit traditional, affectionate, a fairly strong believer and very budget minded.

I hope to find her a man who will embrace her and her children.

A man, mid 60’s, educated, self employed, divorced and his long term goal is marriage.

He said “I saw your ad on TV and I decided to call you because I am not meeting women I am compatible with on my own. They are looking to be rescued financially and I am tired of rescuing.”
I assured him the ladies I work with are not looking to be rescued financially, they have their own financial security.

He helps take care of his ailing mother and he wants to meet a lady who supports him in that endeavor.
He said “The last lady I dated got to the point where she was not nice to my mother and that will not work for me.”

He has a Harley and it would be nice if the lady he meets likes to ride. He has a passion for landscaping and gardening and can spend hours in his yards.

His scores indicate he is direct and straight forward, a little shy, open minded, affectionate, a fairly strong believer and he enjoys the good things in life.

He said “Donna, not in a million years would I have seen myself going to a matchmaker but what I have been doing is not working so I am going to trust you.”
I am confident he will not be disappointed because I have some great matches for him.

Summer is almost officially over and fall is in the air. One of the reasons I am so busy is after Labor day people start thinking about the holidays. Thanksgiving will be here in just two and a half months. Every year it seems the year goes by so quickly. Now could be the perfect time to make your personal life a priority. Why not take the profile test on the homepage of my website and I will call you with YOUR scores.

To be continued………………………..