April 11, 2013

My first appointment today is a lady, late 40’s, divorced, educated, self employed, grown children, and her long term goal is marriage.
She said “I am tired of waiting for the right man to come into my life. I want you to find my man.”
I said “Ok, tell me about him.”
She said “First of all, he’s good looking.”
I said “What a surprise.”
She said “The thing is, I have been able to find good looking, it’s everything else that’s missing.”
I said “Tell me what that would be.”
She said “He is smart, funny, tall, successful, financially well off, classy, a sharp dresser, kind, generous, fun, adventurous, confident, a good father, dependable, responsible, honest, a good communicator, fit, healthy, likes sex, has friends, and adores me.”
I said “Do you realize who you just described?”
She said “No, who? Do you know him?”
I said “You just described yourself. Whenever people describe their ideal person they usually describe themselves.” Then I read back to her everything she just said she was looking for in a man.
She said “OMG! I am looking for the male version of me! What a concept!”

She does appear to be all the things she’s looking for, and definitely has a sense of humor. There was a lot of laughing in the interview.

She is very fit and active. She works out five times a week, loves to hike, and does the Incline at least a couple of times a month. She skis, bikes, likes to cook, and is learning to golf. She also enjoys concerts, and wants to travel more often.
She said “I have the time and the money to travel and one place I would love to go with someone would be Hawaii. I went with some girlfriends last year and I kept thinking how much fun it would be to be there with a man.”

At the end of the interview she said “Donna, my love life is now in your hands, and I can’t wait for you to find my man. Make sure he’s tall, because with heels I am 5’12.”
Her man is going to be very glad I found him.

My second appointment is a man, late 50’s ABS (always been single), educated, and his long term goal is marriage. He was a client of Perfectly Matched 21 and a half years ago.
I said “I can say with all certainty, that you win the prize for the person who has waited the longest to reconnect with me.”
He said “I should have stuck with you back then, but better late than never. I was a caregiver for my dad for about ten years, and that was something I never saw coming. We weren’t close when I was growing up, and not in a million years would I see myself doing what I did. I have no regrets because we became best friends through those ten years.”

He is an avid runner, and has been all of his life. He would love to find a running partner. He plays the piano, and is really into Big Band music. He likes jazz, especially Ramsey Lewis. He has seen Bernadette Peters, Emmylou Harris, and Patty Loveless in concert.

He is in a really good place to make his personal life a priority and I am very happy to have a second chance to help him find the right lady.

To be continued………………