April 17, 2011

I am leaving in a couple of hours for a 10 day trip to an island in the Caribbean, Anguilla. The only thing I know about Anguilla is that it is 23 miles long and they filmed part of the Bachelor television show there. This is the longest I have ever left my office in 20 years but it truly was an offer too good to refuse. A friend went there last year with his girlfriend and rented a villa. The villa is unbelievably luxurious and this friend is paying for the three bedroom villa for all of us because he thought it would be so much fun to go back and take some friends. Six of us are going, three couples, and I am looking forward to what should be, could be, the trip of a lifetime!

Although I will be out of town, my voice message at the office encourages everyone to connect with me through my website. I also plan to do Donna’s Daily Diary from the Caribbean. I think it will be fun to see what the dating scene is like in the Caribbean. The islands are so small I doubt that anyone has much to choose from as far as dating but I understand they go from island to island to mix and mingle. I had a perfect match for a lady and she was very excited by his profile until I said “and he lives in Woodland Park.” She said “Woodland Park! Actually she whined “Woodland Park” like it was a million miles away. I said “Woodland Park is 20 minutes from Colorado Springs.” Imagine if she had to buy a boat and sail to another island to meet someone.

To be continued in the Caribbean…………