April 13, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, ABS, early 30’s, her long term goal is marriage and children. By the time when was in her mid 20’s she had completed her doctorate degree. She has been settled in her career for a few years and the timing is right to make her personal life a priority. She is very petite, height wise, and size wise. When she walked through my door I thought she looked like a living doll. Her sociability score is “3.5” on a scale of “0” to “10” so she is quite shy. I knew it could not have been easy for her to call me and come in for the interview but that also told me how important this is to her. She enjoys exercising and lifting weights to stay fit. She is close to her parents and family and appreciates a man who also values family. Because she has been so focused on her education and career, she does not have much relationship experience but dating a lot of men does not appeal to her. If I could find the right man on the first match that would be just fine. She said “I am ready to find the right man, marry, and start a family.” She listened very intently to the information I shared on men I think are compatible matches for her and asked a lot of questions. She likes that serve as a filter and personally know all of my clients. She also appreciates the help and guidance I can share with her to help her date more effectively. We agreed on the man who would be her first match and I had the match set up an hour after she walked out my door.

My Dad is home from the hospital and doing well. He was diagnosed with COPD, chronic lung disease. He will probably be on oxygen for the rest of his life but right now all he cares about is that he is home. Almost everyone I talked to at the hospital who had anything to do with my Dad had to tell me what a character he is, what a great sense of humor he has, and what a flirt he is. One nurse said “Your Dad is so adorable I want to take him home.” I said “I don’t know why you hate the hospital so much that was the best audience you have had in a long time.” I won’t tell you what he said in response, but it started with “kiss my” and ended with “—“. Fill in the blanks.

To be continued………………….