April 22, 2011

Here’s the deal about the dating scene in Anguilla, there is none. I spoke to a fellow who is from England. He has lived here six years, he is ABS, 43 years old and he works for an internet company. He said “All the good looking women are married and having babies by the time they are 20 years old.” I asked him where single people go to meet other single people and he said “There is no place to go to meet someone single, not even a bar scene.” I said “There is one bar after another on every beach. Isn’t there one that is known as a good place to mix and mingle with other single people?” He said “The bar scene is mostly the people who have moved here, like me, or the tourist.” I asked him if he had any serious relationships since he moved here and he said “I have had two that each lasted a couple of years.” One of them was a tourist and they maintained a long distance relationship, but did not see much of each other in two years. The other was a local lady but that ended a couple of years ago. He said “I am going to leave here soon because I am so bored I can hardly stand it anymore. This may be paradise but the chances of finding a mate are slim to none.” I guess even paradise can have it’s drawbacks.

The other lady I spoke to has lived here with her husband for five years and they are from the US. When I told her I was a matchmaker and was curious about the dating scene in Anguilla she said much the same thing. She also shared with me the down side of life for the people who live here but she asked me not to write anything negative on my website because she loves the people here. Basically, she agreed with the other fellow that there really is no dating scene in Anguilla.

Last night we went to a place called Tasty’s for dinner and dancing at the Pump House. Today we are off to see the fabulous new hotel called the Viceroy and another beach and more shopping. I am going to go snorkling for the first time. Just another day in paradise!

To be continued……….