April 28, 2011

Home, sweet home. I am glad to be home! I called my Dad when I landed in Miami yesterday. He said “So you are back in the USA, good!” He wanted to know if I bent down to kiss the ground because every time he landed on US soil he bent down and kissed the ground. I said “Dad, you were coming back from wars where you where being shot down and shot at. I was in the Caribbean having fun in the sun.” He said “You should bend down and kiss it anyways.” He has a point. There is a lot about traveling outside the country that makes you appreciate living in the US, especially Colorado, and the price of gas was $7 a gallon.

My first appointment today is a client coming in to reconnect. She is late 40’s, recently ended a relationship that lasted a few months, and she feels she is ready to start dating again. As is often the case when a relationship has ended, she is more focused on what she does not want and what she must have in the next relationship. The fine line is to pay attention to the red flags without overreacting to issues from past relationships. When someone says something like “I felt like I was walking on eggshells trying to make sure I would not say anything to upset him”, the relationship is already over. If you cannot be yourself and be comfortable in a relationship you probably should not be in that relationship.

My second appointment is also a lady coming in to reconnect after 14 years. She is early 50’s and has a six year old child. She has not dated since her child was born and she has lost confidence in her ability to choose the right man. She feels it is much more important to find the right man because she does have a young child. She was surprised when I talked to her about two men in her age range who also have young children. She said “I thought I would be the only one in my age range with a young child.” I told her I actually have more men with young children than women and I would not match her with someone who was not comfortable with the age of her child.

I spent the rest of the day catching up with phone calls and emails from the past ten days. I booked several new appointments and look forward to getting back to work. I have two ladies, late 20’s and mid 30’s coming in tomorrow. One of them wanted to book my last appointment because she plans to get up at 4am to watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate. I said “Are you hoping for a fairy tale wedding for yourself?” She said “Skip the wedding, just find me the Prince.”

To be continued………………………