April 28, 2012

My first appointment today is a “be back”, a lady, early 40’s, divorced, educated, self employed, one child in high school, and her long term goal is marriage. I interviewed her one year ago and at that time she was not ready to invest in my service.

She said “I did not feel comfortable that I was serious minded enough to invest what your service cost. I went online and tried two of the better known online dating services, and now I am serious about not wasting any more time!”
It never ceases to amaze me the stories I hear from people who do the online services. There is so much game playing going on that does not happen at Perfectly Matched because I am involved as a third party.

She said “I constantly met men that I term “serial online daters”. The last man I met I did not realize I had met him months before because his entire profile had changed. He had on a different picture, he was a different age, he had a different career, and when we met I remembered him instantly because he was one of the worse choices I had ever made. He laughed and tried to make a big joke out of it, even though he knew when we had met before and I was not interested.”

He said “I thought maybe you would feel differently since you are still looking.” He told her his secret for successful online dating.
He said “You have to take yourself off for a few days and then when you come back on, you are listed as “new, today”, otherwise you continue to go further and further down the list. You buy a three month membership, and when it expires you sign up for another three months and you are “new” again. You change things up, and see what gets the most response.”

He openly admitted that in the ten years he has done online dating he has lied about his height, his age, his occupation, his income, and he has even used his brother’s picture because “we look alike but he takes a better picture.”

He said “When I started this, I listed my height as 5’7 (which is his true height), today, I say 5’10 because height is what matters to ladies. I have kept my age the same because I want to date younger women. Ladies want to meet professionals, not blue collar guys, so I say I am a “quality manager” (he is a janitor for a school). And, when I changed my income from 30K to 90K, my “hits” went up overnight.”

She said “That did it for me. I went home and deleted everything.”

A few days later, she saw my ad at the Ritz and heard my radio ad on 92.9. It felt like a “sign” to reconsider my service. She wanted to know if one of the men I spoke to her about a year ago was still available, but he is not. However, I have several new men who have become clients since I interviewed her who appear to be good matches.

She said “All total, the money I spent was almost as much as your service, but nothing compensates for the time I wasted, and the frustration and disappointment I experienced. I am now serious about meeting the right man and I seriously trust you can do a better job.”

Online dating is so good for my business…..

To be continued…..