April 26, 2012

My first appointment today is a man, early 50’s, divorced, educated, grown children, his long term goal is a serious, committed relationship, and he would consider marriage. He is the man who rescheduled his appointment from last Saturday because he “had to play golf”.

He said “It is not a show stopper if a lady does not play golf. I dated a lady for several years who did not golf but she loved to drive the cart and be a caddie for me, that was a ton of fun! I just don’t want someone to have a problem with me playing golf.”
I said “How often do you golf?”
He said “This time of year I usually go two or three times a week and there are plenty of other things I enjoy as well; hiking, motorcycling, tennis, concerts, spectator sports, traveling, and I am very open to trying things I have not done before.”
He has always thought it would be fun to rent a nice RV, and take a two or three week road trip with someone special.

He said “I came to see you because I really want my next relationship to be the one that lasts til death do us part.”
He has some land in the mountains that he plans to build a house on when he retires. He would like to share that project with a lady so it would be a combination of what both of them want in a home they would hopefully live in for the rest of their lives.

He said “But more than that, I have had three significant relationships since I have been divorced and I am ready to meet the right lady and settle down. Obviously, I have not managed to find her on my own and I like the idea of working with a Matchmaker. I am guessing you know a little more about this than I do and I keep reading and hearing about Matchmakers.”

He was intrigued by the profile test and what his scores told me about him.
He said “I look at this graph with my scores on it and I can think about the relationships I have had and tell you exactly which areas where we were probably incompatible.”
He pointed to the finance score and said “The last lady I dated was probably a “2”.”
I said “So, she was extremely budget minded?”
He said “NO! Just the opposite. She spent money like there was no tomorrow.”
I said “Then she would be a “10”.”
He asked What would be your description of a “10”?
I said “Someone who is not controlled by price tags, if they want it, they buy it. Their back is usually against the wall financially because they spend more than they make. They very often have a lot of debt, they live hand to mouth, they don’t plan or save for the future and they are usually looking for someone to bail them out.”
He said “That’s her!”
I said “I have only interviewed two or three people in 25 years who have been a “10” in finance.”
He said “And lucky me, I found one by chance.”

He is a very likeable guy, loves his family, has a great sense of humor, enjoys having fun, is easy to look at, and I can’t wait to start matching him!”

To be continued……..