August 13, 2013

My first appointment today is a man, mid 40’s, divorced, educated, and his long term goal is “negotiable”.

He said “I am not a big fan of marriage, it obviously does not work for the majority of people. I understand the value of having something in writing should the relationship end and I am not opposed to signing an agreement that works for both of us.”
I said “That sounds like a prenuptial without the marriage.”
He said “Exactly.”

He has no children and he prefers to meet a lady who has no children, or at least no children still at home.
He said “That probably limits me, but I want someone who has the time and flexibility to make our relationship a high priority.”

He enjoys tennis, running, music, concerts, travel, networking, reading, exercising, and photography.

He said “My relationships have all been good, but I would like to get this right the next time.”
Because of his relationship history, he has a good idea of what works for him.
He said “If I could combine all the things I found appealing in those relationships in one lady, she would be my perfect match… no pun intended.”
I said “Perfectly Matched, that’s what it’s all about.”

My second appointment is a “be back”, a lady I interviewed last week. She is 60, divorced, highly educated, and her long term goal is to be in a committed, long term relationship and maintain separate residences. She asked me if that was an unusual preference.

I said “Not at all, in the last few years maintaining separate residences has become more of a preferred option than living together, especially in this age range.”

She referred to herself as a “geek”.
She said “I was a VP for worldwide services in Silicon Valley for many years but I decided to go back to school 10 years ago and get my Doctorate in a different field.”

She has traveled to Europe, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Honduras, Fiji, and Tahiti. Many of those trips involved indulging in one of her favorite activities, scuba diving.
She definitely wants to meet a man who enjoys traveling.
She also skis, bikes, hikes, loves music and has season tickets to the symphony. A short bike ride is ten miles, on the weekend she does 40 to 50 miles.

When I asked her if she had an income preference for a man she said “As long as he can afford to ski and travel, I don’t care how much money he makes.”
I said “That is why you should prefer someone on a compatible income level, so you can make the same lifestyle choices.”
She said “OK, make him rich.”

She is quick witted, very physically active, smart, down to earth and genuine.
We had an interesting conversation about the profile test and the scores.
I think her feedback on the men she meets will be very insightful.

A client called feedback after her first meeting.
She said “We met in Old Colorado City Friday night and the road was closed when I tried to go home. I called him and we decided to meet in a parking lot near 31st street and wait for the road to open. We sat in my car for almost two hours and had a great time. He spent most of the next day helping me at my house. I like him and I am very attracted to him.”

It’s all good.

To be continued……….