August 8, 2013

My first appointment today is a man, early 40’s, educated, ABS (always been single), his long term goal is marriage and children.

He said “Until a few years ago I did not want to be married, or have children.”
I said “What changed your mind?”
He said “My brother has a great wife, and two great kids. Every time I spend time with them I say, this is what I want. Being around my nephews has brought out a paternal instinct that I did not know I had.”

He is also tired of relationships that last a few years and end.
He said “I must be doing something wrong.”
I said “Maybe the only thing wrong is that you have not yet met the right lady.”
He said laughed and said “Good, that takes all the pressure off me.”

He has a good attitude about his past relationships and feels like he has learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work for him.
He said “I realize there is always room for improvement on my part, too.”

He enjoys hiking, cross country skiing, golf, music, concerts, spectator sports, reading, and traveling.

At the end of the interview he said “I like your way of matching. It makes sense, and I believe you can help me find the right lady. I am very impressed with the ladies you talked to me about today.”

We agreed on who his first match will be and I made the match before I left the office tonight.

My second appointment is a lady, late 30’s, educated, divorced, and her long term goal is marriage.

She said “When you asked me on the phone if I was emotionally available, I said I was, but I’m not sure.”
Long story short… she still lives with her “ex” boyfriend, she is still in love with him, and she thinks if she dates other men she will get over him.
I said “No, you get over him and then you start dating other men.”
I did what I always do, and turned the picture around and asked “Would you want me to match you with a man who was still in love and living with his “ex” girlfriend?”

I referred her to a counselor and she said she would call and make an appointment.
I hope she does, I could feel her pain.

A couple I matched three months ago called me today to let me know they had taken my advice to not be intimate for the first three months.
They thought they should call me with a shout out like they do on the Dave Ramsey show when the people who read his books become debt free and they shout “WE ARE DEBT FREE!
I said “OK.”
They both shouted at the same time “WE JUST HAD SEX!”
TMI………………………………………….but good for them!

To be continued…….