August 3, 2013

My first appointment yesterday is a lady, late 30’s, divorced, highly educated, her long term goal is marriage and children.

She said “My plan was to have children in my first marriage but I guess it just wasn’t meant to happen.”
I said “Do you want me to only match you with men where you have the option to have children?”
She said “Yes. I am healthy and fit. I am not ready to let go of my desire to have children.”

She enjoys reading, exploring, camping, mountain biking, snowboarding, concerts, working out, and travel. She has been all over the US and has traveled and lived in Europe.
She also loves to study other languages.

Her height preference for a man is 5’7 or taller and her age preference is 33 to 43. She is open to all races and she is totally fine meeting men who have children, as long as they are open to having more children.

She has an infectious smile and great energy.
I would love to find the man who will help her raise an awesome kid, or two.

My first appointment today is a lady, mid 40’s, divorced, highly educated, and her long term goal is marriage.

She said “We tried very hard in our marriage to have a child but I am not having children today. I love kids, always wanted to have them, and I would be very open to meeting men who have kids.”

She love, love, loves her job. When her marriage ended, she thought about moving back to her hometown and her job is one of the main reasons she decided to stay in Colorado Springs.
Although she misses the beach, also appreciates all that Colorado has to offer as far as the outdoor activities. She downhill skis every weekend during the season. She works out at least three times a week.
She likes hiking, camping, scuba diving, and cooking. Another passion is traveling. She has traveled much of the world and definitely wants to meet a man who has the interest, time and money to travel.

She said “Donna, the only thing missing in my life is the right man. There were years when I was very happy in my marriage. I know what that feels like. I want to feel it again.”

She has been divorced long enough, she has dated casually long enough, and she has waited long enough.
She came to me when she thought the timing was right and I think her timing is perfect!

My second appointment today is a man, early 40’s, divorced, educated, and his long term goal is marriage.
I had a great initial phone conversation with him before he came in for the interview and I was already looking forward to meeting him.

He has been trying the online dating for the last couple of years and his stories about his experiences are similar to what I often hear about online dating.
He said “It was so time consuming and many of the ladies did not look like their pictures.” He estimates that he met over 100 ladies.
I said “Good, by now you should be very focused on what really matters to you and that makes my job easier.”

He is a great dad, and has his kids half the time.
I asked him if he wanted more children and he said “If I met the perfect lady and she wanted to have a child, I would consider it. I love raising kids. I have a lot of fun my with kids and raising them has been easy.”

He is very tall, and he never knew what an advantage that was until he was divorced and started dating. He is also good looking, fit and active.
He said “I am not looking to meet someone who is fanatical about exercise and always eating right. Once in awhile I just eat what I want to eat.”

He plays golf, he is on a baseball team, he loves live music and goes to concerts often with his kids.
He said “I don’t mind shopping either. I can shop for hours and buy nothing. I have no problem walking around a mall with a lady who wants to shop.”

This is another example of good timing. He is tired of wasting time and he is ready to meet the right lady.
I said “The lady I interviewed before you is actually a good match for you and she just walked out my door ten minutes before you walked in.”

He was writing out his check before I even went over the contract with him.
He said “I have been reading your diaries for weeks. I knew I was going to do this when I called you.”
He is a great guy and I look forward to working with him.

Speaking of great guys…what has happened to the men the last two weeks??? If you are reading this, you have probably read some of my other entries about the exciting ladies I have been interviewing.
Not to mention all the other serious minded ladies I work with who could be waiting for YOU to walk through my door.

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It could change your summer….and maybe your life!

To be continued…………………