July 30, 2013

My first appointment today is a lady, mid 50’s, divorced, educated, grown children and grandchildren. Her long term goal is a committed, long term relationship, possibly marriage.

Although in her career she is a high power executive, she is a country girl born and raised.
She said “I live out on some acreage and I have horses and dogs. A man would have to love animals to love me.’

She is very proud of her children and grandchildren and enjoys spending time with them.
She said “I have amazing kids and grandkids, and it would be very important for a man to enjoy spending time with me and my family.”

Horseback riding, hiking, tennis, theater, concerts, cooking, entertaining, local festivals, dancing and road trips are some of her interests and activities.
She said “I have a really fun sports car that I love to hop in and take road trips.”

She eats and cooks very healthy food.
She is fit, active, very attractive and classy.

She said “My friends have been encouraging to call you, and now I am glad I did.”
I am glad she did too. I have some great matches for her.

Two couples call and ask me to put them “on hold” today. That means they are going to date each other exclusively. This is always one of the most satisfying parts of being a Matchmaker.

All of my clients have their own story and I have a long history with one of the men who went “on hold” today. He was married to a lady I introduced to him, and when that 13 year marriage ended he decided to work with me again. It is too soon to know, but I think they are a great match and I would not be surprised to see this go the distance. I told him to keep me posted or just send me a wedding invitation. I was half way kidding. He is her first match and she has no interest to meet anyone else.

The other couple who went “on hold” are both new clients. She was his third match, and he was her second match.
They liked each other immediately but she thought he should meet other ladies to have a basis of comparison.
He said “She wants me to meet other ladies to be sure I want to be exclusive with her.”
I said “Do you want to meet other ladies?”
He said “No, I can’t imagine you could introduce me to someone I will be more excited about than I am her.”
I called her and she is equally excited about him.
I said “He doesn’t want to meet anyone else and I don’t think it’s fair to match him with other ladies just so he can have a basis of comparison. Would you want me to do that to you?’
She said “No, I really like him and I don’t want to meet anyone else either.”
I think this couple has great potential to go the distance as well.

This is definitely one of those “I LOVE MY JOB” days!

To be continued……..