Dear Donna March 21st, 2018 – Part II

Dear Donna,

I am dating a man I find very attractive except for his teeth. Everything about him is immaculate, except for his teeth. They are discolored and he could benefit from a couple of veneers or caps on his front two teeth. Is there a nice way to tell him he needs to do something about his teeth? Laura

Dear Laura,

I don’t have to give the “teeth talk” as often as I did years ago because most people are aware that nice teeth are a huge plus when it comes to appearance. Both men and women notice teeth more than almost any other physical feature.
Tell him you find him attractive and you think his smile would be so much brighter if he whitened his teeth.

Many people see a difference with the strips you can buy in the grocery store but if it takes a trip to the dentist to get the desired results, it could be one of the best investments he will ever make. And I bet he will love it!