Dear Donna May 8th, 2018

Dear Donna,

The man I have dated for a year decided to end our relationship but he wants to remain friends. He says he loves everything about me but he is not feeling the passion he wants to feel.

Do you think it is possible to “just be friends” when a romantic relationship has ended? Sara

Dear Sara,

Unless the agreement to end the relationship is mutual, it can be difficult and awkward to try to “just be friends”.

The person who chooses to end the relationship usually has an easier time moving on than the person who does not choose to end the relationship, that would be you. Trying to “just be friends” with him will keep you from being emotionally available to move on with someone who WILL feel passion for you.

Dear Donna,

A lady I have dated for six months keeps reminding how hurt she was in her last relationship. She trusted him and he cheated on her. I told her I have never cheated in a relationship and I never would but I feel like I am being kept at arms length until, what? She believes me or she doesn’t? How long should I wait? Mark

Dear Mark,

Communication, communication, talk to her. You are guilty by association simply because you are a man. It makes no sense to stay in a relationship with someone who keeps reminding you how much someone else hurt her. Tell her you are sorry she was hurt but that was him, not you. Six months is long enough.