What Makes Perfectly Matched Different from Other Dating Services?

So what makes your service different from other dating services? I wish I had a dime for every time someone has asked me that question.
Today is a great way to explain how my service is different.

It started with four voice messages left on my answering machine.

The first message was from a client who wanted me to call a man she had dated for just a couple of weeks. They met and saw each other eight times in two weeks and she was very excited about him. He was not feeling the same excitement and started backing off with the phone calls and texting.

She “got it” and decided to move on. However, she had left something at his place and he returned it to her place of employment with a note. She did not want to reconnect with him so she asked me to call him and tell him she appreciated him returning her item and let him know all was well with her and she hoped as was well with him too. I called him and he understands she has no interest to reconnect with him.

The lesson here? The ones that start fast, end fast. Don’t get too excited too quickly about someone you barely know.

Number two: A man who has dated a lady for three months and realizes that her lifestyle is not compatible with his. He wanted to know how he should let her know without hurting her feelings because he thinks she has become very attached to him. I told him to put himself in her place and think about how he would want her to tell him if the situation was reversed. He said “I would want her to be honest with me.” I told him to talk to her in person, no phone call, no email, no text. Three months deserves a face to face conversation.

The lesson here? Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you are unsure of how the other person will react, put yourself in their place and think about how you would want to be treated, and do it in person.

Number three: A female client who met a man who said he was 5’10. She said “He is not 5’10, he is barely my height (5’8). Men are so funny, why do they lie about their height?” Because men know most women prefer tall men, just as women know most men prefer ladies who are not overweight. Therefore, men have a tendency to over estimate their height and women have a tendency to under estimate their weight.

The lesson here? You can only over estimate height or under estimate weight to a point.

Number four: A client met a lady on his own asked her to take the profile test he took to see how her scores compare to his. I scored her test and called him him the differences. They were off in two out of six areas, which can sometimes work, but the two areas they were off in were conformity and religion, which usually go hand-in- hand. She is much more conforming and religious than him. He had already sensed those differences and the test confirmed it.

The lesson here? Stay focused on the importance of compatibility in a relationship.

This is how my phone calls go everyday because I am a Matchmaker and I do more coaching and counseling than matchmaking. My service is very personalized and I really get to know my clients.

It bears repeating once more because I continue to hear from people who confuse my service with a company that started advertising about a year ago in Colorado Springs. Initially they called themselves Colorado Springs Professional Matchmakers, saying they have over 20 years of matchmaking experience in Colorado Springs. They have since changed their name to Colorado Springs Matchmakers.

Google BC Matchmakers, which stands fo British Columbia Matchmakers, and the owner Shane Weisberg to learn more about this company and it’s owner. He is based out of Vancouver, Canada and there is nothing local about him or his company. You can also check out his BBB page in Vancouver which is revoked, and his BBB page in Colorado Springs which has an alert warning on it.

In the 27 years I have been in business this is the third time he has been in Colorado Springs. The first two times were in the 90’s and the mid 2000’s with a now defunct dating service called Together. Each time he lasted about a year.

Take my free profile test and I will personally call you with your scores, or call me at 719-260-1000. Once I meet with you I will know how many matches I have for you.