December 10, 2013

I have been very remiss in doing my diaries the last two weeks, so here goes.

My first appointment is a man, late 50’s, divorced, highly educated, and his long term goal is a committed, monogamous relationship, possibly marriage.
He said “I am new to Colorado Springs, I saw your ad and decided now is a good time to get serious about hopefully finding a special lady to share the rest of my life.”

He is a doctor in private practice and has taught at two very prestigious universities.
He said “I do not look for a certain level of education as an indicator that someone would be a good intellectual match for me. Her level of education does not matter and as long as I don’t have to dummy down to communicate with her, she could have no formal education.”

He loves to ski and would very much like to meet someone who also skis. He also enjoys golf, ballet, symphony, concerts, plays, loves movies, some museums, and traveling. He has been to Europe, South America several times, and all over the US. He looks forward to traveling more with a companion. He does not like watching sports and he exercises daily.

He thinks a lady who is most compatible with him would believe in some form of a higher power.
He said “I do something spiritual every Sunday.”

In his Special Moments ( something I ask my clients to write) he writes;
“A perfect day on the ski slopes: Sunny, perfect snow, no lift lines, and a fondue with friends at the end of the day.”
All that is missing is a special lady to share it. I look forward to helping him find her.”

To be continued……..