December 16, 2010

I am going to back track to last Friday, the 10th. Tis the season for being really busy so I am a few days behind on Donnas’ Daily Diary.

My first appointment on Friday is a lady, early 50’s, divorced, educated, no children, her long term goal is a serious, long term relationship, and she would consider marriage or living together. She is a nurse and I told her men love nurses and teachers, the nurturers. She was raised Catholic and she is the youngest of ten children. She has not been in a serious relationship for many years. She is pretty, very young looking for her age and I asked “Why is it that you have not had a serious relationship for so long?” She said “I go to work and I go home. I don’t really feel comfortable in the bar scene and my closest friends are married.” She lived in Colorado Springs for several years over 20 years ago and, like many of my clients, she always wanted to come back to Colorado Springs but she has only been here a few years and has not developed many friendships because she “just goes to work and goes home.” I told her I was meeting some girlfriends for happy hour in a couple of hours and she was welcome to join us, and she did. She is a little shy and I know the bar scene is not a comfortable place for shy people but she was fine with all the ladies and we had a good time. She loves hiking with her dog, getting away to the mountains for the weekend and an occasional concert. She said “I don’t feel like I have ever been in love. I would love to know what that feels like.” I said “Then the best is yet to come.” I look forward to helping her meet some quality men and having something more to do than “work and go home.”

Saturday I had no appointments but I got a lot of matching done and spent most of my time on the phone.

Wednesday, yesterday, I had three appointments. My first appointment is a man, late 50’s, divorced, a doctor, no children and his long term goal is marriage. When he walked in I shook his hand and said “You’re a handsome fellow.” He is tall, fit, thick salt and pepper hair, and a great smile. He enjoys the outdoors, biking, golf, fly fishing, and he loves to travel. He said “My practice is doing great, all the divorce issues are resolved and I have been thinking about how nice it would be to have a special lady in my life.” He heard my radio commercial offering 50% off until December 18th and has seen my ads for years. He said “I knew I would not try the internet services and when I heard your ad the timing felt right.” He is very open on his preferences and open to all races and religions. He also has a great sense of humor. He said “I was raised Catholic and I go to church occasionally but It does not matter to me what religion anyone chooses.” In his late teens he even considered becoming a priest but he said “Fortunately, one of the priest said to me, “You don’t know what you want, go to college.” He had attended private boys Catholic schools all his life but when he attended a co-ed college he said “I succumbed to the pleasure of women.” I talked with him about several ladies and we agreed on whom he would meet first. I spoke to her this morning and she has agreed to meet him.

My second appointment is a “be back”, a lady I interviewed last week decided to let me help her find the right man. She is the lady I wrote about on December 9th who said she was going to think about it and get back to me. After talking it over with her sister and some friends she feels this is the right way to find the right man. She is also the one I said I wanted to help “put herself first”, now I will have that opportunity.

My third appointment is a man, mid 40’s, divorced, grown kids, retired military, into his second career which has proven to be very successful. He grew up in the Midwest, joined the military right out of high school, continued to progress with his 20 year military career, retired and started his own business. He is very easy going and although he has been separated for almost five years, his divorce has been final for just a couple of months. He has had two significant relationships in the last five years but that still means in the last 25 years he has only dated three ladies, and one of them he was married to for 20 years. I said “You should date, have fun, explore your options.” He thinks that sounds like a great idea. He enjoys music and has played in many bands over the years. He also is into classic cars, bowling, and good restaurants. I said “What do you consider a good restaurant?” Without hesitation, he said “The Peppertree.” That is also one of my favorite restaurants and Neil, the owner, is an old friend of mine. He hasn’t done much traveling but he would like to. He said “I thought to myself the other day I am divorced and kind of rich, I want to have some fun but ultimately I want to be married again.” He was very surprised how much I knew about him from the profile test. It makes perfect sense to him that I match up all the important areas and then ADD the mutual physical attraction. Of course, on your own you do just the opposite. You start with the physical attraction and hope that everything else will fall into place. I complimented him on the success of his business and he said “One thing you can count on with me is if I say I am going to do something, I do it.”

I had a client drop in to visit yesterday and we had a long talk about how texting has affected his last few matches. Long story short, I think texting someone you don’t know is a bad idea. There is no eye contact, no body language, no tone of voice, and things get misunderstood. If you have time to text, you have time to call. We agreed that he won’t text until he has gone out with someone at least three times.

Things will start to slow down now until after the first of the year. I will be here tomorrow and Saturday and then for the most part I will be out of the office until Monday, January 3rd. I do have two appointments on Saturday who want to take advantage of the 50% off which ends on Saturday.
One of the ladies said to me “Nothing like waiting until the last minute but that is typical for me.” I will bet money her temperament score will be an “8” or higher. I told her she will be my last appointment for 2010 and she said “good, that makes me special.” If you think it does, it does.

To be continued tomorrow……………………..