December 21, 2010

My appointment on Friday is a man I interviewed in October 2001. Nine years and two months later he is taking advantage of my 50% off. He is late 50’s, divorced, no kids and his long term goal is a lifelong companion, with or without marriage. He said “You said my scores indicated I am a procrastinator, I guess that’s true.” I retested him and, as usual, even after all this time, his scores changed very little. Nothing has really happened for him romantically since we first met and he has tried lots of other options, but mostly online. He said “I wonder where I would be if I had signed up with you back in 2001?” I said “Who knows, but now I get my chance.” He is very shy and I know it is much harder for shy people on their own. I said “The good news is there is no time frame on my service, there are plenty of ladies interested in men your age range, and I will do all the work.” I said “How did you hear about my special?” He said “I have been reading Donna’s Daily Dairy and when I read you were offering 50% off all your programs I decided now was the time.” Makes me think I should just double the price of my program and offer 50% off, like Kohls.

My appointment on Saturday is a lady, late 40’s, educated, divorced, no kids, and she also called because she wanted to take advantage of the 50% off. She said “I waited until the last day to decide.” I mentioned her on the 16th and said I would bet money that her temperament score would be an “8” or higher, very easy going, and she is a “9”. People who are very easy going have a tendency to procrastinate, put things off, and have a hard time making a decision. She also is a “3” in finance and does not part easily with her money. She actually tried to get me to give her a better price than 50% off. I said “I have never done this before and I may never do it again. I don’t play games with my prices because it would not have the same value to everyone and that makes a difference.” She said “You are playing games with your prices right now.” I said “It is a one time in 20 years special which I might do again next year because it has been so successful but I do not feel I can offer you a better price than 50% off.” She said “I think I will wait until next year.” I honestly think that she thought because she was my last appointment of the year that I would negotiate with her. I lost my enthusiasm to encourage her or negotiate the price and she said she was going to wait. She asked me if she called back after the first of the year if she could still get the 50% off. I said “No.” After she left she called back and wanted to know if she could get the discounted price if she came back before the end of the year. I said “I told you I am out of the office now until January 3rd. She said “Can’t you come in for 10 minutes to take my money?” I said “I’m sorry, but no.” After 23 years of matchmaking I have hopefully learned not to offer membership to someone who will probably be more trouble than it’s worth. Not exactly the way I wanted to end my last appointment of the year but enough was enough.

I am in Carbondale, Co. since yesterday to visit my daughter, son-in-law and two oldest grandsons until Thursday then I will be back In Colorado Springs to have Christmas with my other daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons. Everyone tried to convince me not to go because they were predicting two to six feet of snow in the mountains. There was about a half hour slow down before Eisenhower Tunnel and almost a white out at Vail Pass but I made it here just fine and it took me about 45 minutes longer. Now if I can just get home on Thursday!

I asked my daughter if my grandsons, ages 10 and a half and eight and a half still believe in Santa Claus. She said “Well, it is a pretty effectively developed conspiracy.” This is my practical, no nonsense daughter but she refuses to admit to them there is no Santa Claus. She said “You can ask me every year and every year I will say, yes, there is a Santa Claus.” It is the first time I have heard Santa Claus referred to as an “effectively developed conspiracy” but it’s nice to know she still perpetuates it.

I am going to continue with Donna’s Daily Dairy occasionally until the end of the year even though I am officially out of the office and I might even do some appointments next week and I might even continue with my 50% off until the end of the year. I do have a lady coming in Monday who was a client five years ago. She left town and is back and wanting to work with me again. SHE will get the discount.

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope your holidays are joyful and full of family and friends. I, for one, will also never admit there is not a Santa Claus because his spirit is everywhere and it’s all good!

Happy Holidays!

To be continued soon…………………………………..