December 17, 2011

My first appointment is a man, mid 50’s, divorced, self employed, one grown child and his long term goal is marriage. I interviewed him initially 13 years ago. He was very surprised that I still had his paperwork from 13 years ago. I never throw away anyone’s paperwork away for this very reason, even after 13 years they can come back. I retested him and his scores did not change more than one point in any of the six areas of compatibility. Since our first meeting he has been married and divorced and engaged two times. His last serious relationship ended two years ago and he has been meeting these ladies mostly from online dating sites. He said “I cannot trust anything anyone says anymore. They aren’t honest, they don’t look like their pictures, and they are looking to be rescued financially.”

The reason his last relationship ended was because she was jealous. He said “I am as loyal as a puppy dog. I have never cheated on anyone but I have a lot of female friends and I want to be with someone who is not threatened by those friendships.”

When I met with him 13 years ago he was 42 and his age preference for a lady was 32 to 42. Today his age preference is 35 to 50. I said “why not date up to at least your own age?” Of course I know the answer to that question before I even ask it. He said “I don’t think I would find her attractive and I don’t think she could keep up with me.” After a little more conversation, he agreed if he finds her attractive and she can keep up with him that matters more than her age. To his credit, he does not look much different than he did 13 years ago.

He enjoys tennis, softball, hiking, camping, most sporting events, and his passion is music. He is a strong believer but he prefers small Bible study groups as opposed to church. He is definitely looking for a lady who has a relationship with God. He said “The reason I decided to call you again is because I think if a lady comes to you and invests in your service she must be as serious as I am about finding the right person.” He is also tired of all the time he has spent trying to find the right person on his own. He said “I almost did this the first time I met with you, now I am ready.” Timing is everything.

My second appointment is a lady I interviewed a month ago and she has decided to take advantage of my offer of 50% off all my programs for the last three weeks. She is early 40’s, divorced, highly educated, from another country, has two young children and her long term goal is marriage and children. She is very sweet, pretty, shy, traditional, and a strong believer. She does not have many friends or connections in Colorado Springs, and spends most of her time with her children. She did not have anyone to babysit for her when she came in for the interview last month and asked me if she could bring them with her. I told her I don’t generally like to do that because it can be too distracting. She said “They are very good and I am sure it will not be a problem.” She was right, they were absolutely adorable, very calm and well behaved.

She said “I never knew how wonderful it would be to have children and I would like to have more children with the right man.” She is very concerned about who she meets and she asked me if I do a background check on my clients. I said “The contract gives me permission to do a background check, but I rarely feel it is necessary. I tell everyone before they come in for interview that I will verify a valid driver’s license and the contract states if you give me any false information I can cancel your membership and keep your money. But, more than that, I get to know my clients and I don’t offer membership to anyone I don’t feel comfortable with.” I told her I would do a background check if she wants me to. She said she would trust my judgment. I assured her I have not had any problems in all the years I have had my own business. I am going to do my best to help her find a husband who will cherish her and her two children.

My third appointment is a lady, late 40’s, divorced, educated, self employed, financially secure, and her long term goal is marriage. She has grown children and children at home. Although she is new to Colorado Springs, she is a Colorado native. I said “Why did you move to Colorado Springs?” She said “It was time for a change of scenery and I found a house that is perfect for me and my family at a price I could not resist.” She knows Colorado Springs very well and has a few friends here.

She is very attractive, fit, active and loves skiing, theaters, concerts, music, photography, hiking, reading, running, cooking and entertaining. She is world traveled and travels internationally with her organization at least a couple of times a year. She also travels for fun and pleasure and has a trusted friend who stays with her children when they cannot accompany her, which gives her much more flexibility to travel.

I invited her to join my girlfriends and me for happy hour after the first of the year and she said “I would love that, it would be great to make some new friends.” She is very easy going, quick to smile and laugh. She is excited to be starting anew in Colorado Springs and making this her new home. I am delighted that I will be able to help her. The men I match her with will be delighted too!

I still have calls from people who want to take advantage of my 50% off offer who were unable to get in for the appointment by today, the 17th. I am going to extend the offer until Thursday, the 22nd, and that will definitely be the last day because I will be out of my office for the holidays for the rest of the year. It has been a very busy December because of the discount. I offered it last year for the first time but this year the response has been much greater. I guess love is in the air and everyone loves a bargain, or maybe Kohl’s has us all looking for a discount.

To be continued…………………..