December 14, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady who walked in with no appointment and she wants to buy a Perfectly Matched membership for her son. I have never sold a membership to someone without meeting with them first but she insisted she wanted it to be a surprise. I tried to convince her to have him come in for the interview and let me make sure I have matches for him before she paid me. She said “You will have matches for him. He is tall, good looking, smart, successful, has a great sense of humor and lots of friends.”

I said “What if he doesn’t want to join a dating service? I can appreciate that you think this is a good idea but he might have no interest at all in participating in a dating service.” She said “I am pretty sure he will be interested. I think he will get a kick out of it.” I asked her more questions about how old he was, how tall, level of education, whether or not he was emotionally available, how long it had been since he had been in a relationship, what his long term goal was as far as a relationship is concerned, if he wanted children, etc. She knew all the answers and by the time we finished talking I felt like I had already interviewed her son. She came prepared, she had pictures of him, articles that had been written about him, and she was not going to take “no” for an answer. She was funny, full of life and very engaging.

I said “If he is anything like his mother I am sure I will have matches for him.” I asked her how she heard about my service. She said “Honey, I have seen your picture on the wall the in ladies rooms for years and I want to buy my son a Matchmaker for Christmas.” I laughed when she called me “honey” because I know I am older than her. When I told her my age she asked me if I was single and I said I was. She said “You would be a great match for my older brother! If for some reason my son doesn’t want to do this, I’ll give the membership to my brother, or maybe I will just buy him a membership too since you are offering half off all your programs this week!” I said “Let’s see if your son wants to do it first.”

What a fun way to start my day! As she walked out the door she said “I am going to tell my brother about you, and send him to your website. He would love you!” I think I should hire her for marketing.

My second appointment is a man, mid 60’s, widowed, educated, retired, has grown children and grandchildren, and his long term long is friendship, companionship and wherever it goes from there, it goes. He is probably not interested in marriage, but never say never. I interviewed him last December and he decided to wait on joining. He came in with a box of candy for me. He said “This will make the third holiday season I have been alone and nothing has happened since I met with you last year.”

I said “I always have good activity for men in your age range and I am confident you will have a positive experience.” He is definitely more emotionally ready to start dating than he was a year ago. In the last year he went to Europe with one of his daughters, moved to a new home, got a dog, and has taken dancing lessons. He said “It was the dancing lessons that made me think about how nice it was to hold a woman again.”

He decided to visit my website again and wanted to know if I would give him 50% off even though I had already met with him. I said “I will be happy to give you 50% off.” Then I opened the candy and we both had too many pieces!

Feedback from a man I wrote about on November 15th, the man I referred to as Prince Charming. I made a match for him and, at least so far, the glass slipper fits. It was her first match, and his second. I have not spoken with her yet but they have agreed to get together again, so I am guessing she is interested. Can’t wait to hear her feedback.

After 21 years in business I have to say this was one very special day. I love my job!

To be continued……..