December 17, 2012

Last week was a very busy week at Perfectly Matched. Here are the profiles of a couple of my new clients:

A lady, late 40’s, divorced, educated and just beginning to date after a long term marriage has ended. She has tried a couple of the online services but she became frustrated with the men who responded to her profile.

She said “I said I wanted someone athletic and active and, in their pictures they looked good, but they looked nothing like their pictures when I met them. I don’t understand why you would post a picture that looks nothing like you.”
I said “It gets their foot in the door, so to speak, at least they get to meet you.”
She said “What a waste of time. I got tired of being disappointed.”

She works out five or six times a week. She loves to travel, and is especially interested in going to Italy with someone special.
She said “I would really love to travel with someone who loves to travel. I am more than happy to split expenses and share in the planning.”

When I asked her physically what was important to her as far as a man is concerned she said “He CANNOT have thighs smaller than mine.”
She is very upbeat and enthusiastic about dating again and has a great sense of humor.

Sometimes divorce is a good thing, and that definitely appears to be the case with this lady. She is happier than she has ever been and in a great place to date and have fun.

Wednesday afternoon I had a “walk-in”, which rarely happens. Most people call first and book an appointment.
I said “Can I help you?”
He said “Can you find me the love of my life?”
I said “Give me an hour of your time and I can better answer that question.”

He is early 40’s, educated, ABS, his long term goal is marriage, and he is very open to having children with the right person.

He took the profile test, and was amazed at what I knew about him based on just 46 questions. I gathered all the information I normally gather in an interview and then I pulled four profiles of ladies off the top of my head who appear to be good matches for him.
He said “How do you do that? I have been in your office for less than an hour and you are talking to me about ladies that sound great. How do you know their scores off the top of your head? How do you know I will be attracted to them?”
I said “I know everybody’s scores. Whether or not you are attracted to her is the only thing I don’t know until I start matching you, but after 25 years of matchmaking, I have developed a good eye for choosing similar levels of attraction. Once you start providing me with your feedback, I become much more in tune with you and the type of lady you find attractive.”

I am never sure how serious someone who walks in without an appointment is about my service because I have not had the opportunity to ask the questions I normally ask before I book and appointment. I cruised through the interview with no great expectations and when I pulled out the price list he said “Do you have any specials going on?”

I said “As a matter of fact, I am offering 50% off until Saturday.” He signed the contract, I took his picture, and he went back to work.
Nice lunch…could change his life.

When my clients get married, or are in committed relationships and no longer active, I ask them to call during the holidays and give me an update. This year, I have had more clients call than I can ever recall. A couple who met and married 20 years ago sent me a message on Facebook. He was the one who wrote it.

o Hi Donna, This Is Carl …”STILL” MARRIED to MRS. CHRISTI HANNER…Over “TWENTY-YEARS” . Donna, this would not be possible if you did not introduce us. We have to be the RECORD HOLDERS For fastest and LONGEST MARRIED COUPLE! We still love each other dearly & more and MORE EACH DAY. We have you to THANK….CARL & CHRISTI HANNER………Thank You!!! MERRY CHRISTIMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR.
I think he’s right…they got married within a few months and it obviously is still going strong. OK, so there is one exception to “The ones that start fast, end fast.”
I still don’t recommend it. One in 22 years is not good odds, but good for Carl and Christi!

To be continued……………