December 20, 2012

Five days before Christmas and things are becoming quiet at Perfectly Matched. This is my 22nd holiday season so the pattern is very predictable. By December 19th most of my clients will wait until after the first of the year to meet someone new. The holidays can be all consuming from this point until New Years. January is usually my busiest month in business because people make New Year’s resolutions to do something about their personal life.

In the last three weeks I made several matches where it really clicked for both clients and they are excited about getting to know each other better. I think it’s so romantic when people fall in love during the holidays. Everything seems wonderful, AND, it’s Christmas.

I had a voice message from a man I have worked with for four years. We have come close to finding the right lady a couple of times, but I knew from the tone of his voice and his level of enthusiasm, this was different.
He said “Donna, I am reporting in as you requested. It has now been one month and things just get better and better. We get a long great, have so much in common, we genuinely like each other. Merry Christmas, thank you, thank you, thank you.” He was her first match.

I lost my new iPhone in the parking lot at the Shops at Briargate and I got it back! Someone put it on the windshield of a car they must have thought it belonged to and just as that person discovered it, my daughter sent a text from her phone to mine offering a reward if they found it. He guy responded to my daughter’s text and left my phone at Ann Taylor’s. I had her text him back that I would like to give him $50 and he texted back “take your mom out to dinner.” Awwww…made my day.

Hope everyone remembers to enjoy the holidays before they are over, which is in less than two weeks. Unless, of course, the world ends tomorrow, which means you better make the best of tonight.

To be continued…….hopefully