December 22, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady 50, divorced, educated, shared custody of two children, her long term goal is a serious, committed relationship and she would consider marriage. She had one relationship since her marriage ended and he was considerably younger than her. Her age preference for a man is 40 to 50. Once again, ladies are now doing what men have done forever and preferring to date younger, sometimes MUCH younger, than themselves. She said the same thing I often hear from men who prefer to date younger ladies “I am just more attracted to younger men and I want someone who can keep up with me.”

She is fit, pretty, very active and looks much younger than her age. A younger man could easily find her attractive but I hate to see anyone, man or woman, limit themselves because of age. Age is the least important thing if everything else matches and you find each other attractive. She enjoys hiking, camping, gardening, rafting, dancing, snorkeling, traveling, dining out, biking, entertaining, movies, music, concerts, symphony, reading, meditating and writing. On the activity survey next to “wrestling” she wrote “it depends on the location.” She also has a great sense of humor. She appreciates a sharp dressed man who dresses crisply. She also enjoys working around the house and said “I would rather go to Home Depot than a clothing store.”

She would like to meet a man who can take off and go traveling for 10 days to two weeks. She said “Some adventures on my bucket list are walking the Great Wall of China, a safari in Kenya, and sailing the Caribbean.”
She will be a fun and exciting mate for the right man.

I am going to go to Carbondale for Christmas to be with my oldest daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons. Ironically, they have no snow there and I have about nine inches where I live. It is usually the other way around.

I normally take this next week off but because I am going to be back in town on Monday I am going to extend my 50% off all my programs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. That will definitely be the end of the discount until next December.

I wish for everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope you are enjoying it with family and friends!

To be continued……………