December 30, 2010

It is 6pm on Thursday, December 30th as I write this. I am captured at home by the weather and have time to do my last daily diary for 2010.
My daughter left Carbondale at 10:30am with my two grandsons headed for Colorado Springs. A drive that normally takes four hours took almost seven. She is comfortably settled in with her sister and will stay there for tonight. They say tomorrow, Friday, the high will be 10 and the low will be -7 BUT, with the wind chill factor it will feel like 20 to 30 BELOW zero. I first felt that kind of cold when I was nine years old and my Dad was stationed in Goose Bay, Labrador. I spent my first nine years is Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana, never even saw snow until Goose Bay. It was the bitter cold I remember more than the ten feet of snow. I played in the snow, I thought I might die in the cold.

On Monday a lady I worked with five years ago is back to participate again. She is late 40’s, educated, a military officer, no kids, but she loves kids, and is still open to that idea. Her long term goal is marriage. She has not changed much at all in five years except that she is looking forward to retiring from the military and excited about what she will do next. She said “I might want to do something totally different.” She is one smart cookie and will probably succeed at whatever she tries. She is very outdoorsy and would love to share her love of hiking, camping, backpacking. She considers Colorado her home. She built a beautiful home here several years ago and is glad to be back in it permanently. She is tall, thin, athletic and attractive. She is financially stable and definitely wants a partner who is also financially stable. She said “I want a man who can bring as much as I can to the table financially.” I said “That’s fair.” She is not looking for anymore than she has to offer and a man who will be compatible with her will love her financial attitude.

On Tuesday my first client is a referral from a friend of mine. She is late 40’s, educated, ABS, her long term goal is marriage and she is also open to having children. She looks like the picture of health and said her eggs were still “viable”. A man who has children or a man open to adoption is also an option. I know I have said this before, but so often I interview someone and think “they would make a great parent.” She has such a heart for children. She is tall, athletic build and is most comfortable with bigger men. She is currently applying to schools with the long term goal of becoming a doctor. She is extremely bright and interesting. Intellectual compatibility will be a very important aspect in a compatible man. She is a scientist and I have a match for her who will love that she calls herself a scientist.

My second appointment is the young man who came in for his appointment a couple of months ago to tell me he meet a lady the night before and he would not be needing my services. He wanted to give me $20 for cancelling his appointment at the last minute. I said “Keep your $20 and if it doesn’t work out give me a call.” Two months later, he’s back. This time when he finished filling out the profile test he clipped a few hundred dollars to the clipboard that had the test on it when he handed it back. I said “What is this for?” He said “I want you to know I am serious about finding the right lady.” I said “In 23 years of matchmaking no one has ever clipped hundred dollar bills to the clipboard, I totally believe you are serious, but keep your money and let me see if I have matches for you first.” He is late 20’s, ABS, self employed with a very successful business, and his long term goal is marriage and children. He is tall, educated, very thin and does everything he can to put some meat on his bones. He’s healthy but thinks ladies aren’t interested in thin men. I said “Look, you’re tall, that’s the most important thing to most ladies and you’re good looking, that doesn’t hurt.” He is now a new client and comparatively speaking he is more focused on his personal life than most people in their late 20’s.

Wednesday I took most of the day off.

Today, Thursday, I had my last appointment of 2010 and there could not have been a better way to end my year. He is mid 50’s, divorced, grown children he is very close to, self employed, successful and very financially stable and secure. His long term goal is marriage. He reminds me of the Marlboro man. Good looking, kind of rugged and sweet at the same time. He has been divorced long enough and had enough relationship experience to know what he wants and needs in a relationship, and also what he does not want in a relationship. He said “I have seen your ads for years but I went with a dating service in Denver and it was a disaster. They matched me with a lady who goes to church two or three times a week and, that’s not me, I don’t go to church at all . I felt bad for the lady and she felt bad for me but we just laughed it off.” He never met anyone he was interested in and then he saw my ad again and made the call. We had a great time in the interview and we have already decided who his first match will be. She is going to be soooo happy to get my call!

That’s it for 2010. It has been a great year for my business and January is already off to a great start with several new appointments for next week.

Happy New Year and here’s hoping 2011 is a good year for us all and that romance and love is in your life!

To be continued Monday…………………………..