December 5, 2012

I have had some fun interviews the last couple of days:

A lady, mid 50’s, educated, divorced, grown children, and her long term goal is marriage. She is an “8.5”, on a scale of “0” to “10” in religion. She is a “7” in conformity. Which means she is very traditional and a strong believer. And, she is hot! She looks ten years younger than her age, she is in great shape, has long, flowing hair, and, therefore, attracts younger men. And, for the most part, younger men who are not interested in going to church.

I met her when I was out socially and gave her my card. She is very much a people person herself, with the career she has, and we just clicked. She sees the value of letting me do all the ground work and filtering. She has wasted too much time and energy on men that she has met on her own, and she is really ready to meet the right man.

She considers herself a political geek.
She said “I’m a capitalist. I like to build things and make money!”
She loves music and the arts, likes to cook and cook together, works out, likes wine tastings, road trips, sailing, participates in a boot camp, loves to golf, loves to travel., is very family oriented and loves kids. She would love to go to Europe with someone special. Love, love, love!

She said “I want a strong gentleman who is kind, patient, and wise.”
People usually ask for who they are when they describe their ideal person, which means she is a strong lady who is kind, patient and wise.

The next young man I interviewed walked into my office last week to book an appointment.
I said “How old are you?”
He said “23”.
I said “What has inspired you to walk into a dating service?”
He said “I have had my kids names picked out since I was 18.”
I booked him even though I knew I might not have matches for him, and I don’t. What a guy! 23, just back from deployment, bought a four-plex, got a kick out of knocking on the tenants doors and introducing himself as their new landlord. He has seen more than anyone should ever see, at any age, and wants to get married and have kids.

I said “I will write about you on my diary and try to attract some attention.”
He said “You can say whatever you want about me, and I can comfortably date a woman up to 33.” He is open to all races, any height (he is 6’), he prefers someone who has no kids and definitely wants kids. He is working on his degree in Physiology, he mentors young children, loves swimming, and soccer. He has a small library and loves to read. He likes Broadway shows and his favorite movie is “Singing in the Rain.” NOT your average 23 year old.

I never thought I would say this, but I find my membership needing some ladies in their 20’s. In the last few months more young men in their 20’s have decided to become clients than I have ever experienced before. A few of them are military men who, like this young man, have life experiences that make them older than their young age, and more focused.

As he was walking out of the office, he said “When you face death, everything becomes real. I know I want to be married and have kids and I plan to do everything I can to improve my odds of that happening.”

I plan to do everything I can to help him.

To be continued………