December 1, 2012

My last three new clients this week are all men! Mid 40’s, mid 50’s and mid 60’s.

The fellow who is in his mid 40’s is divorced, self employed, has one grown child, and his long term goal is a serious relationship, possibly marriage.
He said “I would prefer to work out a financial settlement should the relationship not last, as opposed to marriage.” He believes marriage is ultimately about a financial arrangement whether you stay married or get divorced.

He is a guy’s guy with lots of friends and he enjoys camping, fishing, snowmobiling, most spectator sports, and hunting trips.
He said “I want someone who doesn’t mind that I like to hang out with my buddies. When I get back from a ten day hunting trip I will take her to Vegas, or wherever she wants to go.” Many of his friends are married and he looks for someone who will fit in with his friends and enjoy spending time with them.

He said “Look, Donna, There is nothing I want more than to find the right lady to spend the rest of my life with. I want to share my friends, my family, my heart and my soul. I want to love and adore someone and be loved and adored. The only thing missing in my life is the love of my life and I came here for you to find her.”

I said “I can take the pressure…..sign here!”

The gentleman in his mid 50’s is divorced, highly educated, has grown and teenage children, and his long term goal is marriage. He surprised me because he had read many of my daily diaries before he called me. Throughout the interview he quoted different stories I had told and different comments I made in my diaries. I guess I just don’t picture a man in his age range scrolling through Donna’s Daily Diary. He got a kick out of the story about the lady who declined a second meeting because the man I introduced her to told her he had smoked marijuana in the 70’s, forty years ago.

When his long term marriage ended, he went right into a serious relationship which ended recently.
He said “I like the idea of dating and exploring my options like you recommend. I learned a lot about how to date more effectively by reading your advice and I think this will be a lot of fun.”

He is very proud of his children and enjoys spending time with them. He has traveled all over the world with his career and has an interest to continue to travel. He enjoys theater and concerts, loves baseball and going to the games.

He said “I love a lady with a sense of humor who is positive and easy going.” He is also a strong believer and wants to meet a lady who shares in his faith and enjoys going to church. He is very affectionate, too, on a scale of “0” to “10”, he is an “8”. A lady who likes to be close, to touch and hold will be a good match for him.
He said “I know this is going to work for me and I am excited to meet some of these great ladies you have talked to me about today.”

The gentleman in his mid 60’s is divorced, highly educated, has grown children and his long term goal is marriage. He is so, so sweet, an “8.5” on a scale of “0” to “10” in temperament.
I said “The good thing about your temperament score is that you are very compassionate and kind hearted. You really do care about people, but sometimes to the point where you put their feelings before your own, even people who don’t deserve it, and that’s where you can get hurt and be taken advantage of.”
He said “That is so true, but I am working on being more direct and straight forward and saying what is on my mind.”

He is retired military and works for the government. He has traveled all over the world and been in wars. He is in the health field and he is very concerned about health care.
He said “I want to be a part of building a community that supports itself. That is what it is going to come down to anyways. We are going to have to build communities where we are self supporting and take care of each other. I would like to have a partner who could share in this dream and participate in making it happen.”

He is interested in meeting a lady 55 to 65, under 5’5, he is open to all races, he does not mind if she is a little overweight and he appreciates someone who has a sense of style. His mother is healthy and in her late 80’s and her sister is 102 years old. Longevity is definitely on his side and he has no plans to retire any time soon.

I am going to find him a partner to help him “build a village”.

My offer of 50% off my regular programs is good until December 15th and I have several appointments booked next week.
It is hard to believe Christmas will be here in about three weeks. It sure doesn’t seem like Christmas….we need SNOW!!!!!!

To be continued…………………………..